Monday, May 17, 2010

Emma's Pick Of The Week - Topiary Garden

Hey there, it's me Emma Jane! Well, actually that's Lady and the Tramp. And I know it's not very humble or modest to compare myself to a movie star......but don't you think I look like Lady?

Well.......the topiary tree version of Lady. Anyway, my Mommy and Daddy were at Epcot Center last weekend during the annual flower and garden festival. And they had really beautiful tree versions of all the most famous Disney superstars. So, I'm a little obsessed with all things tree related right now. So for my pick of the guessed it.......trees!

These cute trees are from the Love U Collection by Moda....
And don't forget to add some flowers and butterflies to your garden full of little trees.....
I'm gonna go watch "Lady and the Tramp" now and dream of being a movie star. See ya next week.

Emma Jane


grandma said...

you definitely remind me of Lady -- and a lady -- you both are too cute for words.

Carol said...

Quite a pretty lady there all dressed in her topiary finery.

Hannele said...

Thank you for a really fast delivery of my order to Finland!