Monday, July 27, 2009

Emma's Pick Of The Week


Hey there, it's me Emma Jane! I'm so excited because I got a promotion today! I used to be the Sew Fab Mascot but now because of my incredible sense of style I've been asked to write my own "Emma's Pick Of The Week" column. And I guess a big promotion also means I get a beautiful new pink polka dot princess chair with my name embroidered on it.

My choice this week is anything from the Little Lady Collection by Lakehouse Dry Goods.

Don't you just love the Pink Cupcakes and Black Cupcakes fabric? I think they would make adorable aprons for someone to wear as they bake gourmet dog cookies. Or you could make an adorable quilt or a sweet little dress for your favorite little lady. And while we're on the subject of pink things I just have to show you this:

My Mommy thinks this is the greatest house she's ever seen. But, it's in Taiwan so I don't think we'll be moving in any time soon. But a girl can dare to dream.

O.K. Now that we're all suffering from "pink overload" I'm gonna go take a nap. Doing all this writing is exhausting.

Emma Jane

Friday, July 24, 2009

Where's Max?

Oh no - Someone just asked me where's Max!!! Everyone has seen Emma but I've been a bad Dog Mommy and forgot to put up a picture of my boy. So here he is having an amazing time playing on the beach! Max is an 8 yr old Golden Retriever and he LOVES to swim in the water and roll in the sand. He taught Emma everything she knows about being a dog! And he's such a good boy and he's already forgiven me for forgetting to put his picture up earlier. Thanks Max!

Happy Sewing,


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They're Finally Done!

Baby Bags

Ahhhhh......they're finally done. This is the yummy fabric project that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. But I have a valid excuse for why it took me so long to get such a simple project done......


It's kinda hard to finish a bag when your cat refuses to move off of the partially completed project. And those of us with kitties know the rules..... you absolutely, positively cannot disturb a happy cat. So a huge thanks goes out to Cassi for finally allowing me to finish these! And now she can have her bag back!

Happy Sewing,


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jane's Aviary Bag

Mom Bag 1

So, my Mom fell in love with the Aviary Collection and grabbed a pre-cut bundle a few months ago. But here's the problem.....she hasn't touched a sewing machine in about 30 years. And when I mentioned that she could make a tote bag with the fabric she became a little obsessed with that idea. I bet you can see where this is going already. Obviously, I re-claimed the bundle and made her a bag using the "Weekender Tote" pattern. I love the way this bag turned out and I'm going to offer it as a kit. So here's your bag Mom - I hope you like it!

Happy Sewing,


Friday, July 10, 2009


Vaca 1

Gorgeous sunset at Yellowstone

Vaca 2

How cute is this guy?

Well, we're back from vacation in Yellowstone and we had a great time. Even an "Indoor Girl" can enjoy a week in the great outdoors! John took these AMAZING photos and if you're interested you can see more of them here.

Happy Sewing,