Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jane's Aviary Bag

Mom Bag 1

So, my Mom fell in love with the Aviary Collection and grabbed a pre-cut bundle a few months ago. But here's the problem.....she hasn't touched a sewing machine in about 30 years. And when I mentioned that she could make a tote bag with the fabric she became a little obsessed with that idea. I bet you can see where this is going already. Obviously, I re-claimed the bundle and made her a bag using the "Weekender Tote" pattern. I love the way this bag turned out and I'm going to offer it as a kit. So here's your bag Mom - I hope you like it!

Happy Sewing,



Lee said...

Jane, of course you have to wait until Christmas, that's the fun of it all. But are are beautiful, and so is Max!!
By Lee on July 24, 2009

Teresa said...

Wow, How cute is that...! Hey, I'm still working on my sweet roll bag but only because I'm doing it by hand and between reading, working, cooking facebooking, Etc... I'm having fun with it, definetely a lot easier than I thought... !
By Teresa on July 23, 2009

Jane said...

WOW!!!!!! I can't believe you did it so quickly. Amazing and sooo beautiful. I just love it and thank you so much - you are the best daughter!!! Do i have to wait for Christmas to get it??
By Jane on July 21, 2009