Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Memory Lane

Preppy Plaids by Moda have arrived and they are sending me on a long trip down memory lane.....and making me long for a "real" autumn and winter that we just don't get in Florida!
Whenever I look at these they make me think of college days in Ohio and falling leaves and caramel apples and bonfires and snuggling up by fires on chilly winter nights and sipping hot cocoa....basically I'm completely warm, cozy and nostalgic when I look at them.
The first time I saw them I was immediately reminded of a pair of plaid, flannel pajama pants from J. Crew that I LIVED in during my freshman year of college. They had a different plaid on the front and back of each leg and they looked sort of like this....
Do you know the pants that I'm talking about? Did you have a pair too? I think I might need to re-create those pajama pants as a Christmas present to myself! And maybe I should make a pair for John too so we can look like matching fools!

Then I was reminded of a Christmas dress that I made for myself in the 6th grade using a fabric that looked just like this Navy Plaid......
It had a drop waist, a knee length pleated skirt, poofy long sleeves and a cream, bib style collar. It was the height of fashion at the time and I was the envy of all the girls at school!

Do these plaids bring back any happy memories for you? What are you thinking about making with them? And are you loving the fall weather as much as I am???!!!

Happy Sewing,

P.S. These fabrics are brushed cotton. They feel like a cross between quilting cotton and flannel. You could think of them as being like a lightweight flannel. Soft and slightly fuzzy but not too heavy.


jlk said...

Oh gosh! Those are bringing back memories. Oh the plaid I wore in the 90s!

sandra said...

They bring me lots of memories but the one I love the most is of the first quilt I ever made 15 years ago for my son was done in all plaid flannels and brushed cotton. He brought it to me the other day asking me to fix it but it just wasn't possible it was just to worn. He was so sad so I guess I had better make another.

jane ann said...

love plaids - and the memories - football games in Wisconsin - Go Badgers - and warm winter scarves, and skirts - the wonderful smell of autumn and winter. plaids = good times, happy times!!!!!