Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Parties, Pools and Progress

Wow! Hectic doesn't even begin to describe the last few weeks around here!!! I didn't mean to fall of the face of the blogosphere earth but soon you will understand why I did.......

-We decided to have a BIG dinner party on St. Patty's Day and invited 10 people. I cooked and taste tested about 20 appetizers in the week prior to the party, painted the kitchen, repainted our dining room table and chairs and still managed to run about 5 miles a day.

-I spent the day before the party frantically cleaning, running to Target and the grocery store and baking the buttermilk cupcakes (these are divine.....recipe coming in a future blog post), chocolate chip cookie dough truffles and mini apple tarts. But disaster struck and the tarts that I've made a million times before FELL APART! NOOOOOO!!!

-On the day of the party I badly burned my finger (the kind of burn that instantly leaves a huge blister) while melting sugar to make caramel tarts. These were the substitute tarts since I ruined the apple ones the day before. For some reason I always feel that I must offer THREE different desserts when I have a big party. I don't know why. It's just what I do. Anyway, I spent the next 8 hours doing party prep one handed while holding an ice pack in my other hand. Ouch!

-Emma approved of the appetizers I put out at the party. We had caprese on bamboo skewers, shrimp on table water crackers drizzled with cocktail sauce and green onions, heavenly homemade cheddar crackers and cheese stuffed mushrooms (my own invention - I'll post the recipe later). And yes.....I did this all one handed.

-For dinner we had my soon to be world famous slaw (I'll post the recipe one day!), bacon and blue macaroni and cheese (Mr. Sew Fab's favorite), regular macaroni and cheese and a beef tenderloin. Yum. And yes....I made all of that with one functioning hand.

-Everyone seemed to have a great time and one of my friends even said she felt like she walked into a Pottery Barn catalog when she arrived at the party. sweet! Apparently if you put out about a million big white pillar candles, a bazillion mason jars full of baby's breath and another bajillion mason jars full of river rocks and votives your party will look like a Pottery Barn catalog!
-Oh.....the one great thing about having a party on St. Patty's will receive LOTS of bottles of Bailey's as hostess gifts. And I LOVE Baileys. I even have a cat named Bailey. Maybe I should have this party every year! Wait....maybe took 2 days of prep work and 2 days to recover. Did you know that throwing a big dinner party is seriously hard work?!

-Then Mr. Sew Fab got sick. For 10 days. One of those wicked fever, sore throat, can't get out of bed things.....then I got sick for a few days. But not nearly as bad....whew!

-We celebrated Daisy's 15th birthday on March 26 with a little chicken, catnip and tuna party. A good time was had by all. Daisy's on the left, Bailey is on the right. Oh...and Daisy has developed this charming little habit of screaming at the top of her lungs around 1:00 a.m. every night. You can imagine how much we enjoy that! Thank you Daisy!
-I bought a floating pool lounger for my dog, Emma to use in the hot tub (the hot tub that we refer to as The Pool). Yes....I realize that is one of the most insane statements anyone has ever said. But it's true....and I did it....and I'm glad I did it! Emma deserves to relax in the hot tub too!
-Then I decided that my office/sewing room needs a makeover and some spring cleaning and some re-organization. I'm sure I'll be much more productive in my office if it's prettier....oops....I meant to say if it's more organized. I picked out a bunch of fabrics from my shop and my stash and they got the Royal Emma Seal of Approval. I have big plans for these fabrics. Very big plans!
-Can you tell I'm a major girly, girl by my fabric choices???!!! You can never have too much pink or too many flowers in a room, can you?

-And then......after months.....and months.....and months.....of nudging by Mr. Sew Fab he finally made me realize that I need to hire an assistant. After I agreed to the "hiring an assistant plan" he posted the help wanted ad faster than Emma sits when she hears the dog treat bag come out. And did you know that Mr. Sew Fab is the Director of Personnel here at Tyndall? So, I may not have an employee yet but I do have my own personal personnel department!

-Today I had a face to face meeting with my #1 candidate and hired her! She seems wonderful! I hope I don't scare her off!!!

-And then.....Mr. Sew Fab made me realize something else big, beautiful office/sewing room is much more spacious than my cramped, overflowing fabric room (the room where I house and cut all of the fabric). I'm a little bit bummed....well....more than a little bit.....but it looks like I'm evicting myself from my room. We'll be playing musical rooms this weekend. It's for the good of the business and I'll have room for A LOT more fabric if I make this move. And it will be a much more efficient workspace. So, all my big, beautiful, girly decorating plans are being revised just a little bit. I'll be o.k. though....I have my dog, my hot tub and some red wine to console me! And really I should just be focusing on the fact that this change will allow me to order A LOT MORE fabric.....and that's always a very good thing!

Happy Sewing,

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jane said...

loved your blog - your lovely party (not the fact you seriously burned your finger), the princess in the hot tub picture, and the future patterns to be in your office that emma approves of. you have been busy!! glad you found a great assistant!!