Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday and Waterspouts

Aaaaaah.....Work In Progress Wednesday has arrived's motivation and embarrassment all wrapped up into one neat, little blog post!  I was determined to not arrive at Wednesday with my tail between my legs again and I am proud to say:  Mission Accomplished.  I have actually finished hand quilting 8 of the 20 blocks on the Granny Square Quilt which Emma is dutifully guarding.....
Granny Square Hand Quilting
And I started a teeny, tiny hexie project which should hopefully be done by next week.  Actually.....for a normal person this project would be done by this evening.....but this is me so it will probably take a few months....
Red and White Hexies
And I realized I forgot to tell you what happened two Wednesdays ago on the 4th of July!  I was sick that week (which is why I skipped WIP Wednesday) and around 8:30 in the morning while I was in my pajamas, Mr. Sew Fab's boss (who is also our neighbor) started pounding on our door and told us we had to come quickly.  Well, of course we go running out the back door with the dogs in hot pursuit to see what he wanted to show us......
Wild Weather
Yup.....that was the view from our backyard on the morning of the 4th of July!  Pretty wild, huh?  The water spout lasted for at least 10 minutes which seemed like a really long time to me.  And of course we all just stood there in the backyard staring at it and taking pictures as the tornado sirens were blaring in the background.  And then Sammy, our Golden Retriever, realized that the neighbors have pet chickens and decided to start chasing one of them.  Yes.....our dog tried to kill Mr. Sew Fab's boss's chicken.  Don't you just hate it when your "kids" misbehave?  I ran after Sammy screaming like a crazy my pajamas....and Mr. Sew Fab dragged her home and then......they invited us to stay for breakfast!  I kept trying to make an excuse to get back home to change clothes but they kept stopping me! summary....our dog tried to kill our neighbor/Mr. Sew Fab's boss's chicken and then we had breakfast at their house while I was wearing pink pajamas covered in owls with unbrushed teeth and wild bed head.  I'm soooooo elegant!

And now for this week's stats:

Finished Projects:  ZERO!  But I've finished hand quilting 8 of the 20 Granny Square Blocks!
Active WIPs:  4
-No progress on Living Room quilt because I ran out of the Perle Cotton I was using
-8 of 20 Granny Square Blocks are quilted
-No progress on Hooterville
-No progress on the dollhouse
Back Burner WIPs:  4
Ready To Go:  13
Must Make:  6
New Projects:  One but it's really, really small!
Forgotten/Abandoned Projects:  ???

Wish me luck getting something....anything finished by next Wednesday!

Happy Sewing,



Amanda said...

Great progress on the granny squares! Way to go handquilting!

Karyn said...

I look forward to seeing what your hexies become!

Teresa F. said...

Wonderful granny squares quilt. Love the hand quilting. Can't see what your hexie project will look like.

Taryn said...

Your granny square quilt is so pretty and I can't wait to see what those hexies are going to be! I am pretty sure that water spout would have terrified me! Thanks so much for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

LynCC said...

lol!! I laughed out loud about your morning at the boss's. :D And normal is highly over-rated - actually, I think all us "normal" quilters would also take a couple months to finish a hexie project. ;D You have to be a driven over-achiever to finish that kind of project in one night.

Nicole said...

Sounds like you've got some great neighbors!
Kudos on making progress on your granny squares!

Laura said...

Oh she's so cavalier about her guard dog duties! Wow, never seen/heard of a 'waterspout' before!