Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Most Patient Man In The World

Shhhh.....don't tell him I said this but Col. Sew Fab just might be the most patient man in the world.  Here's why I say that.....

Last weekend we did a bunch of work on the dollhouse bakery.  We actually took an old dollhouse room box that I never finished and decided to remodel it into the dream bakery.  So we spent the weekend refinishing wood dollhouse floors and sanding off a very bad and very old stucco job and priming and painting the walls.  Three times.  Yes we painted the walls of a dollhouse three times.
miniature room box before remodel
Dollhouse Before
I originally wanted them to be green.  Then I wasn't sure I liked the green with the wood floors.  So we painted them buttery yellow.  Then, I definitely didn't like that color and decided that my heart was set on green.  So we repainted the walls the exact same shade of green that we used the first time.  And then I was happy.  And let's face it.....even if I weren't happy with the third repainting, re-priming and re-sanding I'm smart enough to just keep my mouth shut!
Lime green miniature bakery
Dollhouse After
But I truly love the color and I really love how it looks with the white furniture.

Next up.....PINK clapboard siding!  Yay!  And I have to finish the one, simple sewn Christmas gift that I'm making this year.  If you've been following the blog since last December I bet you can guess what it is!


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