Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Susan Branch

I can't believe I haven't told you all about this yet but I MET MY IDOL last month!!!
Susan Branch signing A Fine Romance
The most amazing artist EVER, Susan Branch, was doing a book tour for her new book, "A Fine Romance" about her journey through the English countryside and one of her stops was at the sweetest little quilt shop about 3 hours south of me.  So, I grabbed my amazing friend Karen and off we went on a mini adventure!!!

It was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on her artwork 13 years ago.  Everything about it was just so sweet and perfect and warm and full of joy and inspiration.  And ever since I discovered her, I have been on a mission to gather up EVERYTHING that has her name on it - books, scrapbooking supplies, fabric, greeting cards, calendars.....if she makes it, I buy it!
Strawberry Patches Quilt Shop in Bakersfield, California
I was absolutely giddy with excitement when I got to meet her!  Fortunately, I didn't say anything too embarrassing.....although I do think the first words out of my mouth were "I am SOOOO excited to meet you."  Hey, you should never postpone joy, right?!  Why act cool when you can't contain your excitement???!!!  Just go with it!

And Susan was just as gracious and kind and sweet and lovely as her paintings are.  It was a fabulous day and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet someone so inspirational who I admire so much!  I can only hope that one day I inspire someone as much as she has inspired me!



Mom said...

What fun to meet your idol!!! So many new and fun things to do in Cali!! glad you are having fun!

Georgie54 said...

Fun Giggles Excitement Squeals Laughter Admiration all belong in the same sentence with Susan Branch! So glad you got to go!!! FarmGirlGeorgie

Belinda Ch said...

How exciting! So glad you were able to go!! That pure joy is shown here in your picture. Great blog entry. Thanks for sharing! Feel the same way and hoping she heads down to Florida after the holidays!!

Jane Franks said...

Glad you got to meet Susan! She is an inspiration to all of us. I got to meet her for first time OKC and it was delightful. Welcome to the Girlfriends!! We have lots of fun!!Best of success with your new California venture. I quilt, also, among other things, and will check your website from time to time. Artistswriter on Facebook

Pat said...

How luck you are. I hope you follow her blog. She is a wonderful writer along with so many other talents she has. When she was in my area I couldn't make it to the signing but I do have her book. I am so jealous of you. It had to be very exciting to meet your idol.

Jane Franks said...

Artistswriter is on Twitter. Correction!

Nancy B said...

I saw your tweet on Susan's blog. I got to meet her that day, too. We probably bumped elbows. I'm the one who made Rachel's Lemon Butter cookies in the little cellophane baggies. I'll check in on your blog from time to time.

Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas!
Nancy (from Bakersfield)

Nancy B said...
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Laura Burke of Ruby Grey Studio said...

Well aren't you a pretty little thing! I was sad to see this morning that your shop is closing... you were kind enough to donate a few scrap fabrics to my class a year ago and I shopped from you whenever I needed to go online. BUT, as a design - creative minded person myself (and creating is the only way I seem get any dopamine released in my brain these days) I totally understand and am cheering you on. Keep us posted!