Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emma's Pick Of The Week - Petal Plumage

Hey there, it's me Emma Jane! Don't you just love the new "Eden" Collection by Lila Tueller? It is a springtime paradise on fabric! This one is my favorite - it's called Petal Plumage....
I may have mentioned (a million times before) that I LOVE pink and green. Oops, I mean "Petal" and "Foliage." And this collection is full of "Petal" and "Foliage" along with "Lilac" and "Buttercup."
My Mommy (also know as the Queen of Unfinished Projects) is planning on making an Athena Skirt with this fabric. That's the pattern I talked about a couple weeks ago. But, I'll show you again.....
I'll let you know if she ever gets the skirt finished. And don't worry - the piece of fabric I'm laying on is mine! Yours won't come covered in dog hair!

Emma Jane

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