Monday, August 15, 2011

We're Off To Napa.....

And we're Napa that is! So, the shop will be "closed" from Monday, August 15 until Wednesday, August 24. You'll still be able to shop but orders won't ship until Thursday, August 25 and Friday, August 26.

And guess what's going to arrive while we're GONE! Yup - It's Happy Mochi Yum Yum by Monica Solorio-Snow (The Happy Zombie) for Lecien.....
And Going Coastal by Emily Herrick for Michael Miller!
Hopefully I'll be able to add them to the shop while I'm gone. So be on the lookout for these cuties to arrive. I can't wait to dig into these adorable collections once I return home.

Time to go kiss the kitterses and pupperses goodbye and throw a few last items in my suitcase. I'll "see" ya when I get back! Cheers - clink, clink!

Happy Sewing,

P.S. And if you read my post, The Passport - Guess what??? I got it back! The new one came in the mail all by it's lonesome self and I was so sad. And then a week later I got the old one back. And I realize that I don't need a passport to go from Florida to California......this just seemed like an appropriate time to mention it!

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WoolenSails said...

Have a wonderful trip!