Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Love It or Leave It Fabric Vote Results

We have a winner! And we have the results of October's Love It or Leave It fabric vote. First of all the winner is Free Indeed who said "Loved several of these lines! Esp. Good Fortune, Modernology and Fly A Kite. Did not care for the two clickable link ones......aren't we all so over red and aqua yet????? No one hit me o.k.?" LOL! Congratulations Free Indeed. And thanks to everyone who left a comment! They were so incredibly helpful!!!

And now for the results! I gave each collection one point for each positive comment and took away a point for each negative comment. So, let me show you what you guys loved.....

Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics came in first place. I'm not the least bit surprised! Everyone seems to LOVE Kate Spain. It should be arriving in the shop in January.
Next up, Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit Fabrics came in second place. It should be arriving in March or April.
Third place goes to Verona by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake Designs.
In fourth place is Flower Sugar by Lecien. I'm working on creating a better image for this one as quick as I can! It should be arriving in November or December.
Fifth place goes to Fly A Kite by October Afternoon for Riley Blake Designs. It should be arriving in January or February.
And finally, sixth place goes to Folk Heart by Rosalie Quinlan for Lecien. And again, I'm working on creating a better image to show you more of the Folk Heart collection. This one should be arriving in December.
What do you think? Do you like the winners? And have you voted in November's Post Quilt Market Love It or Leave It yet?

Thanks for all the fabric shopping help! I can't wait to get these new collections in the shop!

Happy Sewing,


Snoodles said...

Congratulations to the winner! And I love the winners of the voting...hope they get into the shop soon!

Helen L said...

Hi, can you send me an email when you get that Fly a Kite collection in? i've loved it and collected it in paper and would LOVE to have it in fabric to make something!! Just discovered your blog and store today!! hlebrett at live dot com

free indeed said...

Have I contacted you yet about my win???? I am so totally psyched about winning but don't remember being contacted or receiving my prize???? I'll have to go back and check my inbox and past posts to see what it was I was suppose to win...sorry about my loss of memory...seems it is getting worse...:)