Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Am Pajama Girl

Well, hello there! I've missed you blogland! Where did I disappear to for so long? I have no idea. I think I just went into social hibernation after the holidays. I think Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy said it best when she blogged about December being manic and January being like a big, deep breath where all you should do is rest and stay still. So, I guess that's what I was doing. Anyway.....I realized that I never showed you the little project I made in December so here it is....
I decided to make a replica of the J. Crew pajama pants that I lived in during my college years. I originally talked about that here. And do you remember how I threatened wanted to make a matching pair for John for Christmas so we could look like matching dorks? Well......I did that too. He wears them all the time but he refuses to pose for a picture in them. So one day I took a picture of him through the kitchen window as he was working on the computer outside. Gotcha! Now I have proof that he actually wears them!
And you may have noticed that I did the front and back of each leg in a different plaid. Here's a picture of the back of the pants. And please note - I'm NOT trying to do some sort of sexy Victoria's Secret picture where they're sticking their booties out. It just involves a lot of awkward twisting and turning to get a picture of your backside when you're home alone. Why oh why don't I remember to have John take the pictures I need before he goes out of town???
Oh yeah.....I bet you're wondering about the Pajama Girl thing. You may remember from previous posts that I live on a military base. It's a pretty small world here. I was at a party a few weeks ago and I met a woman named Wendy who happens to be the wife of a General here. Here's the conversation between us:

Wendy: So do you live on base?

Me: Yes. We live on XYZ street right by the You Know Who's and the So And So's.

Wendy: Ohhhhh......I know who you are! I go running by your house every morning. You're the girl whose always outside in your pajamas with your dogs.

Me: Ummmm.......Wellllll.......(imagine a bashful tone there). YUP! That's me! (imagine a proud tone there).

And then a good friend of mine chimed in and said "Jenny has the CUTEST pajamas!"

So, now everyone knows that I'm the Pajama Girl. And I will wear my new title with pride. There are definitely worse things to be known for! And hey.....when you work from home it's really hard to convince yourself to put on anything other than pajamas or yoga pants. If you can be super comfy all day why not do it, right?

So, I'm off to make myself another pair of pajama pants. I have to keep my "fans" entertained with my front yard fashion shows!

Happy Sewing,

P.S. The fabric is from the Preppy Plaids collections. I used the Sleep Well pattern for John's pajamas and the Sew Easy Pajama Pants for mine.


CreationsForEleanor said...

Where to begin! I made us all matching PJ pants for Christmas, hubs won't wear them when I wear mine! I may steal the idea and do it next year, love the 4 different plaids. Finally, my mailman sees me in PJ pants all 4 least you get busted in the morning!

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I LOVE your PJ's, they look so cozy!
My Hubby LOVES to come home from work and get in in PJ's!!!

Have a great night,

Billy'sgirl said...

I'm thinking Lush fabrics, Sunny and Sweet, for a pair of blocked PJ's for the summer!! What do you think?

Squirrel said...

LOL! I too live on a military base. It's a fish bowl. ; )