Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jenny's Pick Of The Week - Multi Tasker Tote

Dandy Damask and Riley Blake Chevron Fabric
Hello there!  I've decided to revive the old "Jenny's Pick Of The Week" feature.......which was Emma's Pick Of The Week before that......but Emma went on strike and refused to pose for more photos.  But I'll try to get her back on board and bribe her with dog cookies to make occasional appearances!  Anyway, this will kind of be a pick of the week, I've got an idea, I wish I could drop everything and make this new project this weekend kind of thing!  Since I'm surrounded by fabric and patterns all day I end up with a million and one different ideas of things to make but there just aren't enough hours in the day to make all of them.   But that doesn't mean that I can't share all of these "light bulb over my head" ideas with you.  And hope that I find a way to function on no sleep so I can make all of the things that I want to make....

My inspiration this week came from the new Chevron prints by Riley Blake.  They just arrived last week and my mind has been swirling with ideas of what to do with them.  And then the light bulb turned on!  Imagine this.....a Multi-Tasker Tote with Black Dandy Damask as the main fabric and the Black Chevron as the accent fabric on the sides.  And then it gets even better....imagine it with a red lining.....or maybe a lime green lining.....or maybe a yellow lining......or maybe an aqua lining.....or just line it in whatever your favorite color is and it will be fabulous!  Can't you just hear this perfect autumn purse calling your name......

What do you want to make with the Chevron prints?  I'd love to hear all about your bright ideas!

Happy Sewing,

P.S.  Thank you for all your sweet comments about my Hooterville quilt in my last post.  You are all obviously very intelligent people with impeccable taste!

P.S. #2 - Someone left a comment on my last post asking what my "Ready To Go" and "Must Make" lists mean on my Work In Progress Wednesday reports.  But they were a no-reply blogger so I couldn't answer them by e-mail - oh no!  Anyway, the "Ready To Go" are the projects where I have the pattern and all the fabrics neatly arranged in a box and they're ready for me to get started on at any time.  The "Must Make" are the ones that I want to make/I have to make but I haven't started gathering supplies yet.

P.S. #3 - You may be a no-reply blogger and not even know it.  Here's a great tutorial on how to figure out if you are and how to fix it!  Bloggers won't be able to answer your questions if you're a no-reply blogger.

P.S. #4 - Mom - don't worry about trying to figure this out.  I know where to find you if I need to respond to one of your comments. 

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