Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - My Reign Is Over!

I.  Finished.  Something!!! Queen Of Unfinished Projects......actually finished something.  I will have to hand over my tiara to a new Queen of Unfinished Projects as my reign is now over. 

Once I realized that the quilt was really and truly done I just kind of stared at it in befuddled amazement......I kept looking at it thinking "surely I missed something.......there has to be a block that isn't quilted the binding really attached everywhere......"  but all I found were a few spots of blood (quilting is dangerous business folks) and a completely finished quilt. Wow.  Just wow......

And of course I wanted to show you a bunch of fabulous pictures of the whole quilt today but Mr. Sew Fab is out of town and it's a two person job to get those photos.  Soooooo.....I just draped the quilt over our big chair hoping that I'd be able to get a semi decent photo to show you today.......and I managed to take ONE photo before Emma Jane appeared......

Doesn't she seem stunned that I was actually trying to take a picture that doesn't have her in it?  Why would I do such a thing???
Granny Square Quilt with Emma the dog
Emma quickly demonstrated that she was more than happy to model in this photo shoot.  I call this her "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" look.
Emma Jane the dog with quilt
But she quickly grew bored of her modeling duties and settled in for a nap.  Models are so fickle....
Emma the Sew Fabulous Mascot
Once Mr. Sew Fab gets home I'll have much better photos to show you.  I'm actually going to do a whole "start to finish" blog post showing how my little baby that started as a pile of wee little scraps is all grown up now.

Annnndddddd.......I'm almost done with Hooterville.  The beaks and feet are done.  The applique is done.  I just need to decide on the layout and piece the top.  And pick a border fabric.....there will probably be a "Help Me Pick A Border" blog post coming soon!  I'm actually wondering if I'm starting to become one of those people that actually gets things done in a timely fashion!  Dare to dream.....

Sooooo.....for the first time in my "Work In Progress Wednesday" history I'm proud to report that I can ADD ONE to the "Finished" column.  Go me!

Finished Projects:  ONE!  Seriously!!!  The Scrappy Granny Square Quilt is D.O.N.E!!! 
Active WIPs:  5  - That number was 6 last week!
-Living Room Quilt:  Almost half way done with those ties
-Hooterville:  Applique is done.  Beaks and feet are done.  It's time to piece the top together!
-Dollhouse:  No Progress
-Teeny, Tiny Hexie Project:  Almost Done!

-Zelda's Fancy Witch Hat
:  No progress.  I just found it.....we'll need time to get reacquainted.
Next In Line:  Vintage Valentine!  I'm chomping at the bit to get started on this one!
Back Burner WIPs:  4
Ready To Go:  22 - That number was 12 last week!
Must Make:  10 - That number was 6 last week!
New Projects:  ZERO!  Aren't you proud of me?!
Forgotten/Abandoned Projects:  Didn't find any last week - Yay!

Happy Sewing,
Jenny (The Former Queen)

P.S.  I'm loving all your comments on my Ginger Bliss/Amy Butler Giveaway post about how you organize your stash.  Want to know why I love them???  Because most of you have a completely disorganized stash like me! 


Jodi said...

Big congratulations! What a wonderful feeling, eh? And IT'S GORGEOUS! I'm sooo tired right now, I wish I could snuggle into it myself and drift off into dreamland!

Amanda said...

Looks great! I love me some scrappy granny squares! Congrats on a hand quilted finish.

Sara said...

And it is a darling quilt finish at that!!! I love how she is laying there on the quilt at the end----- she is too sweet. What breed is she may I ask?

jane said...

SOOOO Nice to have a beautiful quilt finished -- many congrats -- and, Yes, you should be very proud of yourself. Love the colors - love the beautiful, precious model on the quilt - just Picture Perfect (the two of them).

Kelly said...

Love your granny square quilt, just gorgeous! Now I normally frown when seeing pets on quilts, but your dog is just so beautiful, I love the sleepy pic :)

Jerimi said...

Beautiful quilt, and could Emma be any more adorable? I think not. :P

Jacqueline Barnes said...

Looks fantastic! I just finished my first quilt and am also very surprised that it is done! Of course yours looks much nicer! Can't wait to see your next project.

LynCC said...

Woohoo!!! And Emma looks so pretty on that gorgeous quilt. :)

Joann said...

The quilt is gorgeous - that one is on my list to-do...well, someday! you are lucky that Miss Emma will pose for you, our Lucy always turns away when Mummy has the big black thing pointing at her!

Jenniffier Kramer said...

Congratulations on you finish.