Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Merry Little Christmas House

Christmas dollhouse
So, I had one of those light bulb going off above the head moments (after spending hours on Pinterest) and I realized it would be soooooo flippin' cute if I got my dollhouse built (or mostly built) and electrified in time for Christmas.  I could put little wreaths on all the windows and doors and get a few little bottle brush trees from Michaels for the "yard" and maybe get some fake snow and it would be the cutest little Christmas house EVER!

I actually whipped out the instruction booklet for electrifying the dollhouse yesterday and it kind of made me want to cry.  Thirty five pages of directions on how to wire a dollhouse!!!  Thirty five pages!!!  Mind.  Officially.  Boggled.  So, I handed the booklet to Col. Sew Fab and he browsed through it for a few minutes and said "I totally understand this."  Maybe he shouldn't have said that because guess who just "volunteered" himself as "Official Dollhouse Electrifier."  I'm sure that's exactly what he wants to be doing over his Thanksgiving holiday, right?  What man wouldn't want to spend his time wiring a dollhouse for electricity???

So, what do you think?  Do you have any bright ideas for holiday decor for the dollhouse?  Christmas cookies made from Fimo?  Presents wrapped in cute scrapbook paper?  What else can I do to make this the cutest little Christmas house EVER???




Missy Shay said...

little LED Christmas lights, Do you have a fireplace? Stockings, A Christmas tree you can see through the window, how fun!

jlk said...

A Christmas quilt on beds for sure.