Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Vote For Binding!

Quilt made from orange, brown and green Michael Miller quilting fabric
Just a few more squares to be tied and then it's binding time!  But I'm not quite sure which color to use for the binding - orange, brown or green.  And I flipped over that top left corner of the quilt so you can see the backing with the possible binding options.  Soooo.......what do you think? 

And as for the rest of my Works In Progress.......I hate to say it but I haven't sewn anything in weeks.  But that should all start to change now that I'm on my new schedule that has sewing time built into it!

So, here are my current stats.....

Finished Projects: NONE!
Active WIPs:  4  - That number is unchanged from last week!
-Living Room Quilt:  Just a few more ties to do!
-Hooterville:  Top is pieced.  Owls just need French knot eyes.  Then it's off to the quilter!

-Dollhouse:  No Progress.  Just sitting there all alone and unfinished.
-Zelda's Fancy Witch Hat :  Moving to the Back Burner Projects since I didn't work on it before Halloween

Next In Line:  Vintage Valentine!  I sooooo want to start on this one ASAP.

Back Burner WIPs:  4
Ready To Go:  22 - That number is unchanged from last week!
Must Make:  10 - That number is unchanged from last week!
New Projects:  ZERO!  Does my Illustrator Class count as a new project?  Then maybe it's one new project
Forgotten/Abandoned Projects:  Didn't find any last week - Yay!

Looking forward to see which binding color you "vote" for!

Happy Sewing,


Sallie said...

I like the green.

Missy Shay said...

I like the brown, although on my computer screen it looks dark purple! LOL

Billy'sgirl said...

I like the peach color.

Michelle said...

I like the brown/maroon (I think that's how you spell maroon!)

Tracy said...

I like the pop of the brown (it looks maroon on my computer too :o)

Jenniffier Kramer said...

I like the brown I agree it gives it a pop!

Xenia said...

Peach. Beautiful choices!

Anonymous said...

oh, the orange. Definitely the peachy/orange