Monday, March 11, 2013

Mini Road Trip

Hey there!  I've missed you guys.  I'm so glad to be back after a very eventful week!

It all started the first weekend of March when I went on a little road trip up to Atlanta for a dollhouse show.  The show wasn't quite as fun as I had hoped it would be honest I've been to tons of dollhouse shows that were overwhelmingly awesome and huge and left my head spinning in a sea of cuteness but there were only TWO vendors that caught my eye at this show.  Oh well.  It was still a fun little adventure.

I bought some adorable rooster and leaping bunny topiaries for the French Winery/Boutique and when Col. Sew Fab saw them he "claimed" them and said they would live on his desk until I had the new dollhouse built for them.  Um.....well.....o.k......I'm not going to argue with a man that wants tiny animal topiaries on his desk.
topiaries for the dollhouse French winery and boutique
And I bought some adorable French themed kits from a shop called True 2 Scale (vase with flowers, hat box and plates, pillows and notebooks/journals).  These will look sooo adorable in the French boutique......
decor for dollhouse French winery and boutique
And then I saw this little beauty and my heart skipped a beat.  It's an extra small dollhouse (it's done in 1/4" scale) that's only about 9" wide.  It would fit in your hands!  I didn't get it at the show but Suzanne and Andrew's Miniatures will probably be getting an online order from me for a "Picket Hill" kit in the near future.....
1/4" scale dollhouse that I want to build
And here's what happened the rest of the week....

-When I returned home from my road trip it was like a scene from the movie "Mr. Mom."

-Emma held a grudge for FOUR days after I got back from my road trip.  There was some serious puppy pouting going on!

-I ran 10 miles for the FIRST. TIME. EVER.  So excited about that accomplishment.  I have been wanting to hit the 10 mile mark since I first started running a year and a half ago.

-I came down with a bad cold for a few days last week and took a few sick days.

-While I was browsing the internet on one of my sick days I came across some pictures of a dollhouse quilt shop!!!  Why on earth didn't I think of that?!  Why don't I have a dollhouse quilt shop?!

-Realized that the dollhouse bakery that I'm building could sometimes be a bakery and then sometimes I could redecorate it and turn it into a quilt shop.   Isn't that a brilliant idea?!  That way I wouldn't have to build a whole new dollhouse to be the quilt shop and we wouldn't have to sleep in the backyard because the dollhouses had taken over the house!

-And there were a whole bunch of functions I attended last week with Col. Sew Fab as Tyndall Air Force Base said goodbye to one commander and welcomed a new one.

-And the closest I came to sewing was when I looked at pictures of dollhouse quilt shops.  I'll have to try to make up for that this week, won't I?!

Happy Sewing,

P.S.  Quick dollhouse lesson for anyone who's interested.  Most dollhouses are 1" scale. That means that 1" in dollhouse world equals 1' in the real world.  The 1" scale houses are what most people would consider to be a "normal" dollhouse and the type of dollhouse that little girls would play with. The little dollhouse I almost bought at the show was 1/4" scale.  That means 1/4" in dollhouse world equals 1' in the real world.  So, the teeny, tiny 1/4" scale houses are perfect for people who are running out of room because all of their fabrics and crafts are taking over the house.

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