Friday, March 22, 2013

Walking On Sunshine

champage to celebrate new and improved Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop
Yesterday was a good day.  A very good day.

After months and months of work that has been boring at times.....frustrating at times.....with occasional bouts of jump up and down level happiness due to the smallest of victories in my battle with the computer......I can now say....

I have created a brand new and totally improved Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop.

Yup.  That's the big, huge, secret project I've been working on FOREVER.  Well.....since November.  But it feels like forever.  I know, I know.....a lot of you were expecting to hear me say that I'd designed a line of fabric or that I was launching a line of patterns or something much more fun and fabulous.  And maybe one day that will be the reveal after a big, huge secret project is announced.  But for now, this will have to do!

And this isn't just a website "makeover."  This is a completely NEW website.  And that means that every single category.....every single product....every single image....every single description....had to be moved over, re-organized and re-written ONE. AT. A. TIME.  And I had to learn a completely new website management system.  And then I double checked every single category and product.  Because that's how I roll. took a while.

I still have some work to do.  I'm still putting some finishing touches on it and making it better and better but the moment it was at the 90% point (remember my 90% rule) I made her live to the world.  

It was a scary moment when I did it.  It was the kind of moment where you feel like you're about to jump off of a cliff!  My heart was racing.  My blood pressure must have been sky high.  I watched a video on how to "flip the switch" to make the old website go away and the new website take it's place about five times.  I took notes.  I did a dry run to make sure I knew exactly what words were supposed to go in what boxes to make this computer magic happen.  And then I did it.  I entered the magic words in the magic boxes and hit "save."  And guess what....

Nothing happened.

That's when I got the pop-up message that it usually takes an hour but sometimes up to 24-48 hours for the new website to "flip on."  Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  I'm about to have a heart attack here and you're telling me I may have to wait TWO whole days???!!!

Fortunately, my website went live about 45 hand wringing, pacing, nerve wracking minutes later.  What. A. Relief.  And then we popped the champagne!

So now that this life sucking force type project is DONE I can get back to other things.  Like quilting.  And dollhouses.  And quilting.  And cleaning the house.  And quilting.  And Illustrator classes.  And quilting.  And more huge, super secret projects that will be more fun than this one was!  I think you get the idea.

So hop on over to the new website and let me know what you think!  I always love to hear what you have to say!

Happy Sewing,

P.S.  If you had an account with the old website I'm so sorry to say you'll have to set up a new account on the new website.  Shouldn't take more than a minute the next time you decide to do some shopping!

P.S. 2 - Constructive criticism is very welcome!  If something about the website is confusing or hard to figure out please tell me!  I want to know all of your thoughts so I can make everything as perfect as possible!!!


Anonymous said...

Just a great job!! I really like your new website and i had no idea how hard a job it would be or how tedious a job.

but congratulations that it. is. done and you can get on to more quilting, etc.!

PamKittyMorning said...

Congratulations! I can't even imagine doing that. I'm scared to even dork with my blog anymore.