Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Day Of Autumn

Vintage Valentine quilt pattern and Lakehouse fabrics
Yesterday was the first "real" day of autumn to me.....

The air was cold.  The sky was gray.  The leaves are starting to turn.  But inside it was cozy and warm and the house was full of the scent of freshly baked rum cake and the sounds of snoring pups and purring cats.

A sweet new friend came over with a loaf of homemade pumpkin bread for a day of sewing.....

We talked and ate....and talked and ate.....

And we even managed to get a bit of sewing done in between all of the talking and eating!

And I finally dove into a quilt pattern that I've been hanging onto and dreaming about and drooling over for eight long years - Vintage Valentine.

I happily retrieved my carefully selected pile of fabrics that were tucked away in a box.  And this isn't just any pile of fabric.......this pile includes those fabrics that you hang onto forever and never cut into because you just love them tooooo much!  But I'm being brave and throwing caution to the wind and using them in this quilt.  I think I'll love them even more once they're in a beautiful quilt.
Lakehouse and Lecien fabrics for pink and green quilt
I'm still at the stage where I'm prepping the pieces for the first block.....the one in the upper left corner....
Vintage Valentine pattern by Verna Mosquera of the Vintage Spool
I'm not even at the sewing stage yet!  This quilt is going to take a LONG time to make......but it definitely made my heart happy to see how the pieces and colors were all starting to come together.  

And no - the hexie quilt isn't done yet!  You know that I'm easily distracted!  But since I don't have any other applique projects going on I felt justified in starting this new project.  I feel you need to have at least one project from each of the "Craft Food Groups" going on at once - applique, hexies, pieced quilt, embroidery, cross stitch, doll houses, hand quilting, hand tying.....I know I'm forgetting a bunch......which ones am I forgetting???  But that just means I'm obligated to start projects in all of those categories to have a well rounded "Craft Diet," right?!  If this theory is wrong, I don't want to be right!

Happy Sewing,


Missy Shay said...

Those fabrics are going to be gorgeous with that pattern! I can't wait to see it!

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Your quilt will be so beautiful!!