Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things Baxter Has Chewed On

Puppy on quilt fabric
Oh, how I wish I would have kept a list of all of the things Baxter has chewed on since we brought him home four months ago.  In the past two weeks alone he has chewed on......

A bundle of silk embroidery floss

The plastic wrap that held a raw pork roast

A razor

A piece of slate from a patio tile

Col Sew Fab's reading glasses

And a bag of marshmallows.  

That last one was actually pretty darn cute.  I was putting groceries away, I turned my back on him for about 5 seconds.....and when I turned back around he had dragged the bag across the room, torn it open and his face was inside the bag as he happily chomped away on marshmallows!

And a few other notable items that have been chewed on in the past few months....

Col Sew Fab's wallet

The lid to a gasoline canister

A random sharp, jagged piece of metal that he found in the yard

Every snail in the yard

Lots and LOTS of fabric hexies

Spools of thread

A glow stick (one of those emergency, flare type of things)

My needle book full of threaded needles 

Wine corks

And a Christmas ornament with jingle bells on it
quilt shop puppy mascot
Isn't he the best???!!! I love my little guy soooo much!  Puppies are awesome!!!



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

OUCH!!! Such a cute innocent looking puppy.....grin.

Michal Woodruff said...

Baxter, be good. xoxox

Laura said...

A razor?!!! OMG!!!
Scarlett will raise you a bottle of glitter (she was passing disco balls for days), 5 pairs of sandals, several bras and some rocks (she has a rock collection she keeps under her hammock bed outside)...