Tuesday, February 18, 2014

JENuary Recap!

I did it!  I ran and I ran and I ran.......and instead of just running 140 Miles In JENuary, I threw in a few extra miles and ran 150 miles!  And why am I only getting around to mentioning this now......a few weeks after the fact.....when I'd been sooooo excited about my 40th birthday running challenge???

Well......the day after JENuary ended....which some people refer to as the first day of February, I came down with a very unfun sore throat, sinus, cold thing for about a week...

And then Baxter came down with an "I ate my bully stick and I stole and ate my sister's bully stick and I ate a whole bag of doggy treats all in one afternoon" thing....

And then Emma came down with a "my whole mouth is falling apart" thing!!!
Poor, sweet, Emma had been acting kind of lethargic and withdrawn and sad.....and I won't even mention how "aromatic" her breath was.....and then I found one bad, loose tooth way in the back of her mouth.  We promptly scheduled oral surgery and they found not one.....not two....not three....but SIX BAD TEETH!   I won't go into the ugly details but apparently it was a pretty big, infected mess inside her precious little mouth!  My poor baby! 
And at the end of this epically stressful day, Emma and I were spoiled with surprise flowers from Col Sew Fab!!!  Red roses as an early Valentine's Day gift for me....and a sweet, peach bouquet of Get Well flowers for Emma.  Awwwww!!!
And after only three days, Emma was back to her normal, sweet, loving, awesome self!  This dog is my hero!!!  I know I wouldn't be acting the slightest bit pleasant if I'd had major oral surgery three days ago!  Go Emma, go!!!


P.S.  How did your JENuary running/fitness goals go???

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Mom said...

I walked one out of the four miles I committed to do -- but I am Very Proud Of You!! And the flowers from the Colonel are lovely and the sweetest thing to bring flowers for Emma!!! Hope the rest of February is just filled with pretty white flowers and blue skies and daffodils for you and your Col. and "kids".