Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing Ms. Fuzzy Butt

Hello all you beautiful, wonderful, talented people out there in blog world! Guess what? We got a new puppy!!!!!!!! We still miss Max terribly......and this seems like we're moving really fast. But a friend of mine was out volunteering at a No-Kill Animal Shelter here in Florida and she saw this dog and immediately called me. could I say "no" to that face? We picked her up yesterday!
She's a 5 month old, Golden Retriever mix. She was actually rescued from a No-Kill Shelter in Mississippi that was neglecting the animals! Yup - she had to be rescued from the original shelter in Mississipi and placed in a new one in Florida - isn't that crazy! But we're so happy that she ended up in our "neck of the woods." She's sweet and happy and playful and the softest fuzz-ball I've ever met. And she quietly slept through the night last night - Yay!
And no, her name really isn't going to be Ms. Fuzzy Butt. That's just what we're calling her as we try to figure out what her real name is going to be. We want to get to know her a little bit before picking out a name. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

And if you're wondering, Emma Jane took the news really well. She didn't really notice when Max "disappeared" and she seems pretty indifferent to the fact that there's a new, rambunctious puppy in the house. But everyone's happy and that's all that matters!

I'll let you know when we decide on a name!

Happy Sewing,

P.S. Yes, I still sew! I know I've only talked about pets lately! But I still have lots of sewing projects in the works to show you soon!


Anonymous said...

Fuzzy would be the perfect name for her!

Elsa said...

congratulations on your new puppy! I know losing Max was hard but to give a new dog a wonderful life is honoring Max (in my opinion anyway)! hope you find a lovely name for her!

blog- WithinNatureChickens-horses-gardens-quilting said...

why don't you call her Nigelia which is a flower and call her Gilly for short. Thats what we called our airdale because she was all fuzzy but when we got her too. I love puppys!