Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year Everybody! I know it's just another date on the calendar but I love the idea of a clean slate and a fresh start. And after such a.....shall we say "odd" year last year I'm looking forward to starting anew!

But I better tell you about the cupcakes before I start rambling on about New Years stuff! I made those on New Year's Eve so we'd have a yummy treat to go with our champagne. And if you're wondering......we just stay home for New Year's Eve, make a nice dinner and have some champagne. Simple. Easy. Relaxed.

The directions for the cupcakes are in the awesome book "Hello, Cupcake." But for some reason I was the only one who ate a cupcake! Everyone else said "Too cute, can't do it!" Come on.....just look at that face......he wants you to nibble on his sweet, sugary little coconut covered face....
Oh well.....that just means there are more cupcakes for me!

Anyway, how was your year last year? Mine was interesting. It started like a sledge hammer to my life and ended like a nice, warm cozy hug. Here's what I did in 2010......

-Awesome 10 day ski trip to Telluride for my birthday on January 14. So. Much. Fun. (Obviously that wasn't part of the sledge hammer).

-Got a kidney stone on January 24. Yes, that's where the sledge hammer comes in. OUCH.

-Max went to Doggy Heaven on February 28. He would have turned 9 years old on March 1.

-Sammy came into our life exactly one month later. She was more of a tornado and less of a sledge hammer!

-John got a 6 month very hard, very time consuming job assignment and I barely saw him from April through September.

-John was able to escape for 1 week in June and we went to the Bahamas. Ahhhh....a whole week of boats, beaches, bikinis and tropical drinks!
-John had his Fini-Flight in the F-15 at Tyndall. He still gets to fly on occasion but the F-15's have all left Tyndall - boo hoo!
-John had some work trips to Washington, DC and Tucson, AZ in the fall and I tagged along. And I went to Quilt Market in Houston and John tagged along.

-I moved to Tyndall in November so John and I could actually spend some time together.

-We had a relaxing end to the year with lots of time off, lots of relaxing, lots of good food, lots of fun holidays and a lot less stress!

And now here we are ready to start a new year. My main goal for the year is to SEW MORE! And yes I also have all the usual goals/resolutions of lose the holiday weight (while continuing to eat cupcakes), fix up the house, get more organized, etc. But right now all I want to do is plan lots of sewing projects for 2011!

First up is Hooterville. I've been dying to make a Hooterville Quilt since it first came out.
And I keep looking at this bucket full of Lakehouse fabrics that I've been hoarding for years and years and I keep thinking that a bright, preppy, pink & green Hooterville Quilt just might be the cutest thing ever.
Then I want to make something with Penelope once it arrives later this month! I've been waiting for this fabric since I first saw it at Quilt Market in May!!!
And the second Penelope arrives I'm going to start making a pink and black Girl In Paris Quilt. I think that fabric and this pattern are perfect together!
I've also been wanting to make a State Fair Quilt.....
Using my Tickled Pink & Aqua Fat Quarter Bundle.....
And I'd love to finish some of the zillions of projects that I've already started that are in various stages of completion!

Oh, and do you remember how last year I said I wanted to make a new kit for the shop once a month.....ummm......yeah.....that didn't go as planned. So, hopefully this year I'll reach that goal!

That's what I've got planned so far. What are your plans for the New Year???

Happy New Year and Happy Sewing,

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Lori said...

Jenny, I love all of your quilt plans! They all look fabulous! I for one am so glad to have reconnected with you in 2010! Hopefully we will actually see one another again in the future!