Friday, May 4, 2012

All Tied Up

So do you remember this quilt for our living room that I started months and months and months ago????
Quilt made from Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller Fabrics
Well......after I got it all pieced, sandwiched and pinned work came to a standstill and it just sat there.  I couldn't figure out how I wanted to finish it.  And all the pets kept trying to curl up on it but all the safety pins just got in their way.  It was just too big to quilt on my own machine (60" x 75").  I tried and I tried and it was too frustrating to quilt something that big on a normal sewing machine.  And I'm obviously not going to hand quilt something this big.....that would take forever and a day.  And then a light bulb went off above my head......Hand Ties!   Ding, ding, ding.....we have a winner!
Hand tying Meadowsweet quilt.  Fabric by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller.
Have you ever hand tied a quilt before?  This is my first time and it's going great!  It's so easy and it's one of those mindless, soothing projects I can work on while hanging out with Mr. Sew Fab in the evenings.  I'm using some #8 DMC cream colored Perle Cotton, a regular embroidery needle and hemostats to tie the knots.  I'm putting the ties no more than 2" apart and I used really thick batting so it's starting to look like a pouffy down comforter.  Doesn't it look so soft and squishy?!
Meadowsweet quilt with my cat daisy.  Fabric is by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller Fabrics.
And pretty soon all the pets will get to lay on a safety pin-free quilt!  Hooray!

I'm off to go pour myself a glass of wine (it's Friday evening as I'm writing this post so if you're reading this on a random Tuesday morning please don't freak out), make some dinner and do some more ties.

Happy Sewing,

P.S.  Hand ties are so easy that I may even recruit Mr. Sew Fab to help me finish it!


Anonymous said...

Lovely quilt!! And YES I hand tie lots of quilts. So fast and they still are lovely!! If I am doing a donation quilt I almost always hand tie. Your quilt is just lovely!!

Gloria Martin said...

I love the fabrics in your quilt! What line of fabric is that? It is absolutely beautiful! And the thick batting really works with the tying. Love it. Enjoy.

Kate R said...

This looks wonderful! Great solution you came up with :) I am just experimenting with machine quilting, but have wanted to try tying my quilts. Just waiting for the right one to come along!

bmayer said...

Ooh,I'm just not a fan of tied quilts.It just seems like you've put all this work into piecing the top, so it "should" be quilted!....but then this gorgeous quilt top is yours, not mine. Vive la difference! I've machine quilted a queen size on my home machine....not easy, but get a good upper body workout!

Suzy said...

I too have a HUGH quilt that is impossible to quilt on my machine. Unfortunately, not in the position to have it professionally quilted either. THIS was a God-send,reading your post! My only problem is that the batting I used is a rather flat one (Warm & Natural)and I'm not sure if hand tying will work or not with it. Do you have any suggestions?

Billy'sgirl said...

That quilt is going to be so pretty, and although I have never hand tied a quilt, I think you've made a great choice. I love the puffy look!

Anonymous said...

Hand ties are great and have been used for years as my Grandmother taught me back in the 1940's and she was taught in the early 1900's etc. Your quilt is lovely and puffy which would not be using the stitch method.