Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dollhouse Decor

I need some advice on a very important matter......and that matter is dollhouse decor!  Construction on my little beach cottage is moving right along.  The siding has been put on and it's primed and ready for it's first coat of fresh white paint.  But my little white cottage will be in desperate need of some color soon!
Dollhouse Progress
My original plan was to do something very pastel and shabby chic using these fabrics and colors......
Lakehouse Dry Goods Fabric
But then I started re-thinking that plan and now I'm wondering if I should do something a little more bright and modern.  I started looking at Coastal Living and these are a few inspiration photos I came up with for a possible hot pink-lime-aqua color scheme.
What do you think?  Should I go with the pastels?  Or the brights?  Or do you have another completely different idea?  I'd love to hear what you think!

Happy Sewing....and Happy Dollhousing,


Lori said...

Brights!! I love the idea of having a beach feel for your dollhouse especially since you live at the beach. I also think the pastels would be pretty but more predictable, so I think the brights would add interest and make it more modern. (because I am an expert on all of this stuff.....:))

Michelle said...

Brights! Especially the beach ones! :)

jane ann said...

ohhhhh - i love pastels, but the brights won me over. love them!!!!

sandra said...

Hi Jenny I love the brights, what fun you are having doing this. I wish I had a granddaughter.

bmayer said...

BRIGHT! We just replaced our asphalt shingle roof (in Florida) with a metal one...can you do that on your dollhouse? that would really be "beach-y". Oh, and dont forget the trashy novels!

Kandi said...

I vote for pastels, beach hut colours. Powder blues and white was my first thought. It's gonna be gorgeous whatever!
Kandi x