Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

Hello there!  I've decided to start participating in Work In Progress Wednesday and oh my......this is gonna be embarrassing!  But I think this will be a really good thing for me!  If I have to face public shame and humiliation every Wednesday for my slow progress and my ridiculously huge list of projects to make it might be just the motivation I need to get cracking!  Or, as I like to say...."Quit slackin' and make $h!t happen!" 

Alright.....first up is the Living Room Quilt that I decided to hand tie.  It's not going quite as fast as I thought it would but at least I'm making forward progress on it.  And it currently lives on the ottoman in the living room so it's easy for me to take little quilt tying breaks throughout the day.
Quilt made using Meadowsweet fabric by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller
Next up is my scrappy Granny Square quilt.  Progress seems to have stalled on that one.....the dollhouse kit arrived right after I got the Granny Square quilt sandwiched and pinned so I was just a wee bit distracted.  But it's just patiently waiting for me to start hand quilting it.  She's still my favorite quilt ever so she definitely won't stay on the back burner for long!
Scrappy granny square quilt using fabric by lakehouse dry goods, lecien, susan branch and more
Now we move on the Hooterville.....yes, I think I started this preppy pink and green Hooterville quilt about a year ago.   This quilt would probably take a normal person about a week to finish.  But as you probably already know....I'm very easily distracted!  I always tease Mr. Sew Fab that I think he has ADD but I'm beginning to realize that I might be the ADD one!  So, here's my happy little pile of almost finished Hooterville owl blocks sitting on my bookcase.  All they need are beaks and feet and then I can piece the quilt top!
Hooterville quilt made using pink and green fabrics by Lakehouse Dry Goods
The final WIP in the sewing department is another set of matching pajama pants like the ones I made for Christmas.  I even let Mr. Sew Fab help pick out the fabrics this time.  We decided on fabrics from the Lush Collection and they're all washed and ready to go and just waiting for me to cut them out.  I really should get started on these ASAP.  Mr. Sew Fab keeps wearing the flannel pajamas I made for him and it's kind of sad since it's 80 degrees out these days.  He needs a pair of summer pajama pants stat!
Fabrics for pajama pants from the Lush Collection by Patty Young for Michael Miller
And my final WIP is the Orchid!  I finally started construction on my little dollhouse!  I didn't start building it right away because I had to wait for the new, fancy doors and windows to arrive (I didn't want to use the basic ones that came with the house).  Oh yeah....and I was also waiting for the wood floors.....and the beadboard for the walls......and the clapboard siding for the outside.....and the electricity kit.....and the fireplace with a flickering orange light......and I think you get the point.  My little $30 dollhouse is turning into quite an expensive little palace!
Progress on my kit bashed Orchid Dollhouse by Greenleaf summary here is my list of WIP's, back burner projects, ready to go projects and things on the "must make" list.

Actively working on these WIPs:
-Living Room Quilt
-Granny Square Quilt
-Pajama Pants
-The Orchid Dollhouse

Back Burner:
Little Lady Quilt - Lakehouse Dry Goods
Cherry Baby - Lakehouse Dry Goods
Vintage Trick Or Treat - Crabapple Hill
Happy Hauntings - Vintage Spool

Ready To Go (these are ones where I have the pattern and all the fabrics and everything is all nicely arranged in it's own labeled box  and they're just waiting for me to get started on them).
-Reupholster office chair
-Vintage Valentine - Vintage Spool
-Chubby Chicks - Black Mountain Designs
-Baltimore Bunnies - Bunny Hill Designs
-Rabbits Prefer Chocolate - Bunny Hill Designs
-Frolic - Vintage Spool
-Girl In Paris - Fig Tree Quilts
-Petite Fleur - Patisserie by Fig Tree Quilts
-Faded Glory - Vintage Spool
-Easter Wishes - Vintage Spool
-Vintage Christmas - Bunny Hill Designs
-Merry Little Christmas - Crabapple Hill Designs
-Baltimore Halloween - P3 Designs

Must Make:
-Granny Square Quilt using Going Coastal fabric.....oh yeah.....I plan on fussy cutting that Bottle Cap print!
-A Piece Of Cake using Going Coastal and the soon to be released Shore Thing by the same designer
-A pinkalicious embroidered and pieced Hello Kitty quilt like this one
-Baltimore Autumn - P3 Designs (arriving at the shop very soon!)
-I have ideas/plans for about 5 more dollhouses too!

This weeks stats:
New Projects:  0
Finished Projects:  0
Active WIPs:  5
Back Burner WIPs: 4
Ready To Go:  13
Must Make:  3
Forgotten Projects:  ???

Yup....I think I have a problem!  And there are probably a bunch of other projects that are so far on the back burner that I've forgotten about them!

I'm going to wander off now with my tail between my legs and try to get something finished this week.  Let's hope that the "Finished Projects" number is up to 1 next week!  I think I can....I think I can....I think I can!

Happy Sewing,

P.S.  In response to some comments on my last blog post.

-The fabric I used in the Living Room quilt is from the Meadowsweet Collection which is sold out!  Sorry!

-And yup.....I am kind of "cheating" by tying it instead of doing "real" quilting but I'm at that desperate point where I just want to get it done!  And machine quilting something this big usually brings me to tears!!!  But don't worry......I will always do "real" quilting on my fancier, more labor intensive quilts!  And bravo to you for machine quilting a queen size quilt!  I'm impressed!!!

-And thank you to everyone for your kind comments!  Reading them always makes me smile! 


Gwen W in cinci said...

I did a similar "inventory" of my projects last fall - and no amount of bribery (or humiliation) will make me publish any numbers!

Jane said...

sounds like you have a plan !!!!
Good Luck.

Billy'sgirl said...

Do you know what they call someone with so many projects going at the same time?

Teresa F. said...

Lots of projects going on. I love your doll house. Can't wait to see it finished.

Jess said...

Hello Jenny, my name is Jess and I too am a serial project starter too easily distracted by new projects.
I've been following your dollhouse progress via Facebook and you've totally got me wanting to do one for my daughter!