Monday, February 25, 2013

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night.....

The new poster child for Canine Storm Phobia......  
Emma a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Emma Jane hiding under my desk in a thunderstorm
It has been raining and storming here for FOUR. DAYS. STRAIGHT.  Well.....the rain stopped long enough on Sunday morning for me to get in an eight mile run in 88 minutes (Holla!) as I try yet again to train for a half marathon (I tried but I couldn't do it last year due to illness and injury) but it's been raining and storming every other minute of the day and night.  It. Won't. Stop.   And Emma hates it.  And panics.  And claws at me.  And hyperventilates.  And now she's added "pees on thing" to her "fear repertoire."

After a few particularly loud booms of thunder she peed all over the sofa.  And the ottoman.  And the Hooterville quilt that I was in the middle of hand quilting while watching a Tudors marathon (Netflix streaming) on Saturday.  Oh Emma......King Henry the 8th was about to marry his 500th wife and now I have to pause the show for dog pee clean up!  Don't worry.....I wasn't mad at her.   I know she was terrified and she was found "not guilty by reason of insanity".  

Fortunately, everything is now free of dog pee (thank you to whoever invented slipcovers!) and I learned that a hand appliqued and partially hand quilted quilt with NO binding on the edges will survive an adventure in the washing machine with Woolite and the Delicate Cycle and will come out smelling like flowers on a spring day....not dog pee.

So, as I waited for Hooterville to air dry I desperately needed something for my bored little fingers to do so I quickly sandwiched the Little Lady quilt.....
Pink and black quilt
And started hand tying the quilt with my loyal assistant Daisy who loves to help me by unwinding the spool of Perle Cotton.  She's good at things like that.  And I am absolutely loving how this quilt looks with hand ties - so poofy and snuggly and warm and inviting! 
Quilt made with Little Lady fabric by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods
Daisy guarding my quilt as I hand tie it was your weekend?  Tell me all about it!

Happy Sewing,

P.S.  The Tudors is an AWESOME show.  I highly recommend it.  But it's not something you can watch with kids around!

P.S. #2 My walls aren't bright, neon yellow like they look in the photo above.  They're actually a warm golden color with a hint of terra cotta.  Sherwin Williams calls it Ambitious Amber but I think it should be renamed "Golden Retriever Fur" or "Warm Tuscan Sunshine."  I'm going to use that color for my dollhouse French Winery because it looks so good on my walls.  You should always test a color on your real walls before you use it in your dollhouse!

P.S. #3 Please excuse the poor picture quality.  It's hard to get good pics in bad thunderstorm lighting.

P.S. #4 We have a little bit of the Little Lady fabric collection left.

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mom said...

i definitely think you should be in charge of naming paint colors! your choices sound much better.

my weekend was not as adventurous - altho sassy did spend a lot of it under a bench - we had a lot of those darn t-storms here too.

glad you are still walking and talking (blogging) after your 8 mile run. love and kisses to emma - get her some ellavil!!