Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Jumper

French Provincial dollhouse fabrics you've probably already figured out I'm a huge "project jumper."  I never actually start a project and finish it without working on or starting about ten other projects during that project.  I'm easily distracted.  And this weekend was no exception.  I actually finished all of the blocks for my Going Coastal Granny Square Quilt and instead of starting on the sashing I jumped on over to the French Provincial Dollhouse Winery and Boutique.  
I started looking for swatches of French Country fabrics and wallpapers online and this is what I came up with.  I thought the images looked soooooo pretty scattered on the computer screen that I actually took a picture of it.  These colors and prints and style are such a departure from what I normally work with.  I'm more of a cutesy pink and green or casual beachy kind of girl.  But I am so infatuated with these swatches that I look at them about every ten minutes.  So hopefully these swatches will become teeny, tiny paper goods (gift bags, boxes, rolls of wrapping paper, etc) and teeny, tiny fabric goods (pillows, aprons, bolts of fabric, itty bitty sachets!) once I get my new inkjet printer that WILL PRINT FABRIC.  Eeek!  How exciting is that???!!!

And by the way....we actually have that A.D.D./chicken shirt.  I bought it for Col. Sew Fab a few years ago but I probably should have bought one for myself too.  We now just say the word "Chicken!" to each other if one of us is talking about ten different things at once. I'm off to go work on Illustrator Class.....or maybe practice on my Wacom tablet.....or maybe clear out a space for the new printer.....or maybe do some paperwork.....or maybe work on the Granny Square Quilt....or maybe work on the dollhouse bakery.....I think you get the idea!


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Spoolhardy Girl said...

HaHa! Yup! I get the idea! (Ooh, fabric!) So hard to stay on one (pretty horse) project when there are (cookies!) so many shiny things vying for our (love that dress!) attention. I have finally (yum! roasted mushrooms) gotten over my (I'm going to make a clutch today) bad habit of (wonder what's happening on Instagram) having too many irons (I think I need a new iron) in the fire. I hope that you can (Puppies!!) too.