Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - Monotony

Two rows down.  Seven to go.  And loving every moment of monotonous, soothing, no-thought-required tying of this quilt.
Quilt made with Little Lady by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods
Daisy loves it too. 
Quilt made with Little Lady by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods
And do you happen to remember the big, huge, secret project that I started working on back in November?'s almost's so close to being done that I can almost taste the celebratory champagne......but the project is at a stage that is so boring and monotonous that I look forward to taking breaks to fold laundry and do dishes.  Yeah.....sometimes monotony is good.  And sometimes it makes you delusional.  With a little luck and a lot of work I'll be putting that project in the DONE column next week.

Happy Sewing,


Spoolhardy Girl said...

I love the hominess of a tied quilt! This is so pretty. I can't wait to hear about this super secret project. You've been working on it for months and months and the suspense is killing me!

Jema said...

When you tie a quilt does this replace the traditional quilting? Do you piece the top and then tie the backing to the top instead of quilting? I don't know how to quilt but my grandmother made quilts like this and she just tied them. I'd love to have a tutorial on this. Lovely quilt!

Izzy said...

I'm with Jema! I would love to learn how you are doing this. It really looks lovely!

Missy Shay said...

I've been teaching an 11 and 13 year old sisters how to quilt, and suggested they tie the quilt when they are done and showed them one my grandmother did and one my mother in law did. I'm pretty sure I know how to do it, but would like a tutorial also, just in case I'm wrong. Thanks!