Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The World of Downton Abbey

Wow!  Where do I begin?  This is such an amazing little story!

Back in February Col Sew Fab went on a skiing "Mancation" with some friends.  And I happened to post on Facebook that while he was off having a "boys weekend" I was going to have a girly Staycation.  It was going to be full of sewing and working on my dollhouses and watching lots of t.v. marathons including shows like Vampire Diaries, Revenge, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey.  Yeah....I know....that's a strange combination of shows....but variety is the spice of life, right?!

A lovely woman named Claire in England saw this and remembered that I mentioned Downton Abbey.  I've never met Claire in real life.  She's just a person who I've chatted with and laughed with and joked with online.  But this incredibly thoughtful woman decided to send me a gift.  I was thrilled to get a package covered in "Royal Mail" stamps and I tore it open and discovered this book inside!  Love it!  How fun!
And then papers started falling out of the book and I discovered that they were all tucked in front of this page.....
It says:
To Jen,
With Best Wishes
Julian Fellowes
15th March 2013

Hmmmm....Julian Fellowes.....Julian Fellowes......that name sounds really familiar....

Google to the rescue!

Oh. My. GOSH!  Thank you Wikipedia!

Oh yeah....of course!  Julian Fellowes is the man who CREATED Downton Abbey!!!  That's why his name sounded so familiar.  He also won an Oscar for his screenwriting work on Gosford Park.  And he's done screenwriting work for other movies such as Vanity Fair, The Tourist and The Young Victoria!  And he's a member of the House of Lords (the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom).

Claire included a sweet note in the book with a wonderful story!  The little library in her village was being threatened with closure but the locals wanted to save it.  They held a fundraiser which Claire catered for free.  And Julian, who lives in the next village over, came to the fundraiser to give a talk about his career and Downton Abbey.  And Claire had Julian sign a book for me.  And she sent it to me all the way from England.  Just because she wanted to thank me for some blog and Facebook posts which she enjoyed.

Knock me over with a feather.  It's moments like these that you're reminded that there are so many truly kind, gracious, generous, thoughtful, lovely people in the world.  People who will cater a fundraising party for free.  People who will send a gift to someone they've never met.  People who will give a speech to try to save the library in the neighboring village. Simply amazing people.

So if you didn't already love Downton Abbey enough.....you can love it even more now because the creator is a truly good person with a kind heart!

And finally - Thank you so much Claire!  Your kindness is inspiring!  I am thrilled beyond words!!! 



Denise in PA said...

Oh my goodness, how wonderful is that?! I have that book, too, and love it! I even bought a copy for my SIL for Christmas. Don't know if you've ever watched the series Monarch of the Glen, but Julian Fellowes actually played a somewhat goofy character in the show and we loved him in it. We couldn't believe it when we found out he created Downton Abbey!

Spoolhardy Girl said...

Wow! I mean....WOW! Just when you think people can be pretty crappy, something like this happens to remind you that people are freaking awesome!
Thanks for sharing that great story and, Claire in England, You're the bomb dot com!

The mom said...

oh, that was unbelievably nice of Claire!!! and from the first comment, I am going to have to rent Monarch of the Glen.

Yes, there really are some very nice people in this world.

Kathyl said...

What a wonderful story!

Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story filled with kindness and generosity. Enjoy the book too!