Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - Testing The Waters

Quilt made with Little Lady fabric by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods
I finally pulled out a needle and thread for the first time in about 3 months!  I decided that my first venture back into the quilting and sewing world should be something very simple.....very easy....very mindless - it's like I just want to dip my toes in the shallow end of the pool to test the waters.  I'll dive into the deep end head first on another day!  So the hand ties on the Little Lady quilt seemed like the best place to start.  I've only done a few ties but at least it's something.  I'm slowly but surely getting back in the quilting groove.  And I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started doing it again!  Funny how that works, isn't it?!

And even though I haven't been making progress on any of my projects lately, my stats have still changed a little over the last few months.  A few projects were removed from the Must Make list.  And a few new ones were added to the Must Make list.  And since I currently have no pieced projects in the works that means it's time to pick a new one to start on.  My rule that I try to follow is that I shouldn't have more than one of any type of project going on at the same time.  Did that make sense?  I mean that I only want to have one pieced quilt in progress.  One applique quilt in progress.  One hand tied quilt in progress, etc, etc.  Now.... please note that I said I TRY to follow that rule.  I don't always ever do it.  But it's my goal. 

Active WIPs:  6  
-Little Lady - Hand ties are back in progress!
-Going Coastal Granny Square Quilt - Ready to be sandwiched and pinned!
-Dollhouse Bakery - Oh how I miss "playing" with my dollhouses!
-Hooterville:  On the hand quilting phase
-Little White Dollhouse - Sitting next to my sewing machine.  They're keeping each other company.
-Vintage Valentine:  I've started prepping freezer paper templates! 
Must Make:  14
Back Burner WIPs:  4
Ready To Go: 12

New Projects:  None
Forgotten/Abandoned Projects: Haven't found any

Anyway....these are the five pieced quilts on my "Must Make" list.  One of these is about to get promoted to "Active Work In Progress."  Here they are in no particular order.  So tell me.....which one do you think I should make next?

Quilt Option #1:  Victory Garden in reds and blues from my stash.....
Victory Garden quilt pattern with red and blue fabric

Quilt Option #2:  Chain Reaction in pink, aqua, lime, orange, red and lavender with a grey background using fabrics from my stash.  I saw a Chain Reaction quilt using these colors on Pinterest and fell IN LOVE!
pink, orange, lime, aqua, lavender and red quilting fabric
Chain Reaction quilt pattern

Quilt Option #3:  A Swoon quilt using Old New 30s and a few fabrics from my stash....
red, green, pink, orange, blue, lavender quilting fabric
Swoon quilt

Option #4:  Around The Block using the brand new Sweet Things collection by Lakehouse Dry Goods.  I know I shouldn't say this.....and I know that I should love all my fabrics equally.....but that Petal Pink Rows of Cupcakes fabric is my favorite fabric in the history of ever!
pink, green, yellow, lavender, black and white girl fabric with cupcakes
Around The Block quilt pattern by Sweet Jane's Quilting and Design

Quilt Option #5:  A Camping In Style Quilt using the new Madhuri Collection by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake.  I'd use the large florals and fussy cut the elephants for the centers of the blocks.  And I'd use the smaller prints and a few solids for the block "frames."
aqua blue, green, yellow, orange, hot pink Indian style quilting fabric
Camping in Style quilt pattern by This and That Designs
Soooooo......what do you think?

Happy Sewing,


Gwen W said...

Tough choice!! I LOVE the Camping in Style pattern in any fabrics, and I LOVE the fabrics you pulled for Chain Reaction, and of course, the cupcakes from Sweet Things are completely adorable. And Swoon would look great in Old New 30's! I'm not helping, am I? OK - I vote for Camping in Style...unless you'd rather do one of the others!

QuiltingBE said...

I like them all but the fabrics for the first one really grabbed my attention!

Gail Hayes said...

Around the block is my favorite.

Becca said...

I just can't pick a favorite with this group of options. So many neat designs and great color combinations!

Shannon said...

Around the Block would be a fast and simple way to jump back in, so I'd say do that one and get your mojo back. Then the Swoon - I just finished my Swoon blocks (I used Amy Butler prints and solids), and love, love, love making those blocks!

Missy Shay said...

I think I would pick the camping in style quilt, but you know we all will give a different opinion and make your decisions harder! LOL I'm trying to finish as many projects as I can before I move also.

Rachel said...

I would start the camping in style quilt. Trying to keep to one project of a type is an excellent goal, and one I would be (and am) very bad at maintaining.

Spoolhardy Girl said...

I absolutely LOVE the Victory Garden pattern. It's been on my "Must Make"list for a while now. Do that one! Second choice would definitely be Camping in Style with the fussy cut Madhuri Elephants. That would be awesome!

Jennifer said...

Lots of good choices, but I have to pick Victory Garden. I love it ! It is on my "someday" list-- I feel I am a little more proficient at quilting.

Roberta Johnson said...

I love all 5, but I think you should make the Camping in Style quilt next. It's my favorite.