Tuesday, September 3, 2013

If The Pets Went Back To School.....

Have you ever wondered what your pets would be like if they were people?  All of this "back to school" talk online has made me wonder what my furry children would be like if they were going back to school now like all of the human children.....

First off.....Cassi really wouldn't be going back to school.  That girl is 19 so we'll just say that she's already graduated and retired and now spends her days watching birds and puttering in her garden and telling stories about the days before canned cat food had easy open pop tops!
Cassi the orange tabby cat
I think Bailey would be in high school.  He'd wear skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and sunglasses and he'd ride a motorcycle.  He'd be in the drama club and I'm pretty sure I'd be getting frequent calls from the school about him skipping class to go smoke catnip under the bleachers at the football stadium with his friends.
Bailey the orange tabby cat
Emma would probably be in the 5th grade.  She'd wear pleated, plaid skirts, cardigans and bows in her ears.  Her favorite subject would be lunch and I think she'd take ballet lessons just so she could wear a pink tutu and a pretty tiara.  She'd volunteer for the school fundraising bake sales so she could eat all of the cookies.
Emma the Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog 
Sammy would be my super social, tom-boy in the 3rd grade.  She would wear blue jean overalls and she'd be captain of the soccer team, the yearbook photographer, class president and a Girl Scout.  She'd have the most badges and sell the most cookies out of everyone in her troop.  I'd end up having to buy half of her cookies every year because Emma ate them.
Sammy the Golden Retiever Dog
And Baxter.....sweet little Baxter.....he'd be starting Pre-K and he'd definitely be the most popular boy in the class.  Everyone would want to be his best friend.  He'd wear shorts with a button down shirt and suspenders.  He'd excel at nap time and recess but would refuse to color inside the lines!  And he'd definitely be the ring leader of any mischief that occurred in his classroom!  Baby powder on the ceiling fan???   Yup - that was Baxter's idea!
Baxter the Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy
Maybe you're just like me and have an inner monologue about these things too.  Or maybe I've now confirmed what you've been wondering for a while now......is this girl totally nuts?  Maybe I should just get back to sewing hexies now so I can fool you into thinking I'm completely normal tomorrow....

But seriously.....if you think like this too don't be shy!  Tell me all about it!



Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks for the giggles.

Missy Shay said...

I never thought about my fur babies going to school, but I do treat them humans and spoil them rotten!

The mom said...

Loved your story!! Certainly thought of Kit Kat when you wrote about Bailey -- I always said Kit Kat belonged to a motorcycle gang in his previous life. (And Muffy would have been his sidekick following him all over.) Kitty Paw would have been the teacher's pet and would always tattle on those two.

Love your descriptions of all - I don't think your crazy - I think you are creative with a wonderful sense of humor!

Laura said...

Ha, yes, my cavalier's favourite time of the school day would be lunch too... Or sports lessons for Scarlett - she's mad on her tennis ball. And she would be the girl up the back who WILL NOT STOP TALKING (ex teacher here). Melody would be teacher's pet and everyone would say to Scarlett "Why can't you be more like your sister?".
Thanks for the laugh...

Dana Gaffney said...

Love, love this!!! My Maya would be one of those snob girls, great grades and just too cool for school. Brady would be the teacher's pet, always ready to help and best friends with everyone.
Creative is sometimes thought of as crazy.