Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - Sabotage!

I'm almost there!  Only about 20 more white hexies to go!!!
Hexie quilt
But as get's a little monotonous making white hexie after white hexie after white hexie.  Next time, I'm going to set up some sort of rule or system where I make 10 white hexies for every colorful hexie flower.  The colorful hexie flowers will be like a decadent dessert after a healthy meal of white hexies.
Hexie quilt
It's really starting to come together....
Hexie quilt
And if a furry, little sabotuer would quit jumping up on the coffee table and stealing white hexies and my spool of thread I might have this quilt done in a week or two.....
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy
Happy Sewing,


Cathy said...

But Mom, I am just trying to help!

Anonymous said...

I love the addition of the white hexies. It was well worth the monotony. I am making a hexie flower quilt and it is in desperate need of something, like white flowers, to break up the pattern.

Linda said...

I love all your hexies.I really think you should give it to me when you are finished with it!

Anonymous said...

looks like I had better get out my shoebox full hexies and use them.looking your furry son is just trying to help.xxxxxx

love raelene