Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Prom

Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the big haired prom picture yesterday because now it seems like everyone wants to see it.  And since it is "Throwback Thursday" I guess today is the perfect day to share it.  This "Throwback Thursday" thing won't become a habit.......I'm only doing it just this once.....but I guess it won't be too horribly embarrassing to show you a little blast from my past! it 18 years 1992....all ready to go to the prom in my re-decorated Laura Ashley bedroom.  With our giant, fluffy, orange cat photo bombing the picture by rolling around on my bed in the background....
And me being me I just couldn't leave well enough alone when I bought the dress.  You know......since it obviously didn't already have enough going on with all that lace and the big satin bow and the layered tulle skirt, I just haaaaad to sew sequin trim to the neckline and add individual sequins scattered across the skirt.  Even back then everything needed to be a craft project! 

But my most vivid memory of that night happened shortly after we left the riverboat restaurant in Cinncinnati where we had dinner before prom.  The area was full of prom-goers and a random woman came rushing up to me and enthusiastically semi-whispered into my ear "That is THE BEST dress I've seen ALL night."  

That comment just made my night. I felt so special because of a sweet compliment from a stranger.  And 21 years later I still remember it as if it just happened moments ago.  It's kind of nice to realize that you might not be able to change the might not be able to fix all of your problems overnight.....or help everyone who is struggling.....but you CAN make a huge difference in one person's life with just the smallest act of kindness.


P.S.  I know it totally looks like the wall color didn't match the Laura Ashley wallpaper in my bedroom.....but trust looked GREAT in person!  Do you really think I'd ever tolerate mismatched colors - Gasp!


Spoolhardy Girl said...

Seriously. Cutes prom dress EVER!!

Mom said...

You were such fun as a teenager!!!

and, yes, you are still matching colors - Blenheim baxter and Blenheim emmmmma.

and I think you look lovely even with Big Hair!!

Missy Shay said...

We must be the same age! I was 18 when I graduated in '92 too! You're hair looked a lot better than my hair, I also had the BIG glasses - yuck!

SewCalGal said...

No way is that big hair. Take a look at some proms back in the 60s and then you'll see BIG hair. You look absolutely spectacular. That dress is red carpet material and you look breathtaking in it. I can understand why that woman whispered in your ear that it was the best dress ever. It is truly the BEST prom dress and cutest girl going out to the prom I've ever seen. Cat and bedroom look so sweet too!
Thanks for sharing.


Jeanie said...

Cute picture! And isn't it wonderful how a simple, sweet comment can have such an impact in our lives!