Monday, August 10, 2009

Emma's Pick Of The Week - Betsy's Closet

Hey There, it's me Emma Jane! I've made another great pick this week. It's the Betsy's Closet Quilt Kit using fabrics from the Doll Dresses Collection. It's such a cute quilt that was inspired by the designers love of childhood dolls. All those adorable little dresses are done with easy fusible applique and you can add lots and lots of embellishments like buttons and bows and ribbon roses. Here's a close up view.
This quilt is so cute that it almost makes me want to wear some of those dog dresses that Mommy bought for me......almost. But my dresses don't seem to fit anymore - I don't know why. I think they shrank. But let's not dwell on that.

This is the fabric that's used in the border. It's my favorite fabric from the Doll Dresses Collection. It's got such a sweet and vintage feel to it.

I hope you like my pick and I'll see you next week!

Emma Jane

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Jane said...

oh emma - what a cute picture of you - you look like you are smiling!!! and the pick of the week is adorable - perfect for a little girl's room -
By Jane on August 11, 2009