Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Giveaway - $50 Gift Certificate

The winner is Nancy who made the 9th comment on the Blog on September 1! Congratulations Nancy! Please Note: We randomly chose a winner from all of the entries (blog comments and e-mails). Everyone had an equal chance no matter how you entered! I'll post the results of the survey in a few days. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Happy September! This month we're giving away a $50 Gift Certificate......but there is a small string attached! You have to answer the questions in our quick and easy little questionnaire to be entered to win. Don't worry - it's easy!

You can either answer the questions in a comment on the blog OR you can send me an e-mail. Whatever you prefer! The last day to enter is September 30, 2010. The winner will be announced on October 1, 2010. And we'll post the results of the survey a few days after that.

And if you're not on the Newsletter list please send me an e-mail with the word Newsletter in the subject or text and I'll sign you up.'s the questionnaire. Don't worry - there are no right or wrong answers. Everyone gets an A+ just for doing it! (And P.S. You don't have to pick one of my sample answers in parenthesis after the questions. I just put those there for inspiration).

1: What is your favorite type of item to sew? (for example - applique, pieced quilts, purses, clothes, home decor, etc.)

2: What is your favorite style of fabric? (for example - modern, traditional, romantic, etc.)

3: Do you have a favorite fabric or pattern designer? (for example - Amy Butler, Lakehouse, Bunny Hill, etc)

4: What are your favorite colors to use in sewing projects?

5: Do you like to sew for the holidays? Which holidays?

6: Do you prefer to buy kits or do you want to choose fabrics and patterns for yourself?

7: Do you prefer quick & easy projects or projects that are more detailed and complicated?

8: And there anything else you'd like to tell me?

Thanks so much for taking my little survey! Good Luck and Happy Sewing,


Momma Des said...

1. pieced quilts
2. modern
3. Heather Bailey, Denyse Schmidt
4. red
5. no
6. choose myself
7. detailed, complicated
8. love your shop!

annmarie said...

What fun!
1-paper pieced blocks
2-flowers & batiks
3-I like them all
4-anything bright
6-choose myself
7-detailed & complicated
8-thanks for the fun giveaway

Sandra said...

1.small pieced quilts
2. contemporary fabrics
3. Kaffee Fassett
4. Brights
5. Is "winter" a holiday? !!
6. No to kits
7 Quick, quick, quick
8. I LOVE Batiks!

craftytammie said...

1. pieced quilts or projects

2. modern

3. I love Heather Ross!

4. yellow, pink, green

5. not really. Christmas maybe.

6. I like to come up with my own designs.

7. quick and easy or it won't get done!

8. have a great day!

ShirleyC said...

1. clothes for my granddaughter
2. just anything cute
3. Henry Glass, Riley Blake, and many more
4. mostly girly things
5. yes. Christmas, Fall
6. pick them myself
7. Both. I like easy things when I need a break from the complicated
8. I've been enjoying your blog.

Candice @ Made With Love said...

1. Accessories
2. Modern
3. Riley Blake
4. Green
5. Not particularly
6. Both...depends on the day1 :)
7. Quick and easy!
8. Thank you for this opportunity!

Kathleen C. said...

1. small hand applique quilts
2. traditional
3. Moda Bake Shop, Fig Tree
4. blue and red
5. for a annual benefit Christmas sale
6. choose myself
7. sometimes quick and sometimes detailed1
8. The Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop is so pretty.
Thanks very much.

Marcia said...

Here goes!
1-bedsized pieced quilts
2-floral, batiks, modern
3-Denyse Schmidt, Joel Dewberry
6-choose myself
7-Both simple and sometimes complicated
8-Thanks for the fun

Nancy said...

1) pieced quilts (but want to start making purses)
2) don't have a particular favorite, but I'm NOT a big fan of most florals
3) Can I like them all? LOL!
4) Purples
5) Maybe Thanksgiving
6) Definitely like to choose myself
7) Mostly fast
8) Thanks! This was fun!

Elizabeth said...

1: Pieced quilts
2: Mostly modern, but some traditional
3: Heather Bailey
4: All of them!
5: Not sewing for the holidays per se, but sometimes I give the things I make as Christmas gifts.
6: Choose them myself.
7: Somewhere in between is my preference.
8: I love your shop and thanks for the giveaway!

Silvia La Gata Con Botas said...

1. Pieced quilts and bags
2. Modern and colorful
3. Denyse Schmidt, Joel Dewberry, Kate Spain
4. Green, blue
5. Not really. Maybe Christmas
6. I choose myself
7. Quick and easy, I'm a beginner ;)
8. I love your blog! Thanks for this great giveaway

Christine M said...

1. Gifts for friends and family.
2. Country.
3. I like all sorts.
4. Green, red, burgundy.
5. No holiday in particular.
6. Choose my own fabrics.
7. I like both.
8. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

Ann in AL said...

1. pieced quilts
2. tone on tone and solids
3. no particular favorite
4. any color except orange
5. Christmas and birthdays
6. I'd rather choose
7. quick and easy
8. Great giveaway.

Elsa said...

1. I like to sew everything! bags, zip bags, little kids clothing, quilts, all sorts of things!
2. definitely modern
3. not really ... like them all.
4. tend to the greens, orange and aqua.
5. I sew gifts for family and friends, but not with holiday fabrics
6. like to choose fabrics and patterns myself! it's harder but then I have something completely unique!
7 . both ... sometimes it fun to have the complicated, it's usually when I learn something ... but then after something complicated it's nice to have something simple! your site, the ideas you have, the great fabrics you have and of course the dogs, Emma especially! oh and thanks for the giveaway!

Billy'sgirl said...

1. pieced quilts or handbags/totes
2. I love them all
3. Lila Tueller,Lakehouse,Minnick and Simpson,Holly Holderman,Gerri Robinson
4. Pinks, purples, soft colors, bright colors
5. Halloween and Christmas
6. choose myself
7. depends on my mood
8. I could go on and on

Stormy Days said...

1. Pieced quilts
2. Modern
3. Kaffe F. and Amy Butler
4. Bright, teals and blues
5. Love it, Chritmas and Halloween
6. choose my own fabrics, make my own patterns
7. Back and forth on that one, but if I had to choose, detailed and complicated
8. Thank you.

Sewbig said...

1. quilts
2. traditional with a modern touch
3. No. like a lot of diffent ones
4. greens
5. No
6. Choose my own
7. Some of each
8. Thanks for the fun.

Tiffany said...

1. Pieced quilts
2. Modern, dots, solids
3. Not yet!
4. BRIGHT colors
5. Christmas. I would love to sew more for Halloween.
6. I like to choose stuff for myself.
7. Usually detailed and complicated
8. Thanks!

Theresa said...

1. Pieced quilts
2. Hum..... I like all kinds of fabric!!!
3. Um...... I like them all!!!!
4. I would say green, blue, red, yellow.... Do these colors go together?!
5. I don't usually sew for the holidays....
6. It depends. If the kit is so irresistible I wouldn't mind buying it.
7. Definitely quick and easy!!!
8. Emma is totally cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

1: I've been trying all different projects - clothing, quilts, toys, etc. I mainly use cotton in all my project.
2: I like more modern fabrics. The traditional ones don't appeal to me much
3: Amy Schimler!
4: Earth tones
5: I try to give homemade gifts for xmas and showers. Of course some people don't like homemade. :(
6:If I saw a kit I loved, I'd get it, but usually I like to pick things out myself.
7: A little of each. Quick & easy is pretty gratifying though.
8: Nope!

MoeWest said...

1. pieced quilts
2. I don't think I have one, whatever the project calls for.
3. Kansas Troubles, Amy Butler to name only 2.
4. Dark reds, aqua.
5. I like to sew for the seasons and for Christmas.
6. I usually choose the fabrics and patterns myself.
7. I like smaller projects like wallhangings and table runners for fun. I also like to do bed quilts.
8. Thanks for the giveaway!

c said...

1. pieced quilts for charitys
2. batiks, 30's
3.bonnie hunter,carol doak
4. teal, red, pink
5. all
6. chose myself
7. detailed but not complicated
8. this is very genorous of you
and is super thoughtful

wolfepackmom said...

1. pieced quilts
2. modern
3. Heather Ross
4. I'm experimenting with a lot or white to pull crazy color schemes together
5. no
6. choose myself
7. quick and easy
8. Thanks!

Alissa said...

1: Quilts!

2: I love ALL fabric.

3: I like so many different styles that I really don't have a favorite designer.

4: Again, I love almost anything. But I do love the "pop" of red.

5: Christmas!

6: Half the fun is choosing!

7: I like both - it's fun to complete something quick, but I also like a more complex project in process.

8: Pick me!

Cindy said...

1. purses
2. batiks
3. Lazy Girl Designs
5. Christmas is my favorite season
6. buy kits, choosing is hard for me
7. quick and easy, "impatient"
8. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway.

Betty said...

1. sampler throw size quilts
2. traditional and romantic but sometimes I choose modern
3. moda- 3 sisters
4. brown, red
5. no
6. choose myself
7. more complicated
8. I love fat quarter bundles and the new fat 8th bundles.

The Michigonians said...

1. applique and pieced
2. traditional
3. Crab Apple Hill designs
4. purples & greens
5. yes. I love doing wall hangings of the different holidays/seasons
6. I do both although mostly choose myself
7. detailed and complicated although easy thrown in for refreshment
8. Love your site. Thanks for the blog and giveaways.

free indeed said...

AArrrggg! My answers got lost in cyber space...I hate when that happens! Here goes again:

1) QUICK pieced projects
2) Larger modern prints are speaking to me lately.
3) no
4) greens and aquas
5) mostly Christmas
6) choose myself, only because I can get the fabrics cheaper. I struggle with combining/coordinating fabrics though.

7) FAST and EASY like baby things, purses and lap to smaller quilts.

paulette said...

1. Pieced quilts
2. traditional
3. Buggy Barn, Henry Glass, Moda, Civil War Prints
4. red, brown, green
5.Yes, Christmas, Fall, Thanksgiving
6Choose myself or buy fat quarter packs..
7.Both...whatever I like!
8. I also LOVE to do wool stitcheries.
Thanks so much for this generous give away!!
Take care!

Quilts and Cats said...

Well, let's see...
1. Pieced quilts
2. Modern
3. Sandy Gervais for Moda
4. Earth tones
5. Autumn
6. My own pattern and fabrics
7. I prefer a challenging quilt
8. This is a fun way to enter a giveaway!

timandkaren said...

1. pieced quilts
4.browns, reds
5. yes, usually Christmas
6. love kits!
7. all depends
8. Have a great weekend!

Patricia said...

1. Pieced Quilts, Clothing
2. Traditional, Unique
3. No preference
4. Pink/lilacs; Red/white/blues
5. Easter, Christmas, 4th of July
7. Quick/Easy; Some challenge
8. Love browsing your web site.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1.Pieced crib quilts+wall hangings
3.Fig Tree
6.Select myself
7.Alter detailed+simplier

Amy said...

1. Purses/Totes
2. Traditional
3. Blackbird Designs
4. Reds and earthtones
5. Yes, Christmas and Halloween
6. I like both - depends on the project.
7. Again, both!
8. I enjoy your blog & website, thank you! :-)

Material Mary said...

1. I like to dabble a little in all the areas, but I make a lot of quilts
2. I like a variety of traditonal, modern and everything in between
3. Kim Diehl, Nancy Halverson, Sandy Gervais, Crabapple Hill and many more
4. All colors with red
5. All Holidays--Valentine,4th of July, Halloween, Christmas
6. Choose myself
7. A mixture of easy to hard
8. Count me in!!

Marguerite said...

1. pieced quilts
2. Civil war
3. Judy Rothermel
4. Fall, especially gold and red
5. Yes Christmas
6. choosing my pattern and fabrics
7. more detailed quilts
8. I love to learn new patterns and blocks so I try not to repeat them.

ld9381 said...

1. landscape and art quilts - no seams to match!

2. I love everything, maybe especially nature and romanitc fabrics.

3. Robyn Pandolph and Cynthia England for fabrics, Deb Tucker's designs and methods.

4. all of them!

5. Christmas mostly, Easter and Halloween

6. prefer choosing for myself, but there are times a kit comes in handy.

7. usually prefer quick and easy

8. I love variety and love your web site!

Anonymous said...

1. pieced quilts.
2. don't have a favorite.
3. I like several, no one in particular.
4. usually brights, but depends on what strikes me.
5. not rally, I make quilts all year long.
6. choose fabric & patterns myself.
7. it really depends on what mood I'm in.
8. really like your web store.

Anonymous said...

I love your giveaway!!
1. quilts
2. brights
3. Heidi Pridemore/the Whimsical
Workshop and Jere McDade Quilted
4. blues
5.Yes! ALL
6.Choose myself
7. Sewing/Quilting is great therapy!!!!

woodbines-creep said...

1: Pieced quilts
2: Modern
3: Sandi Henderson
4: It's always changing but recently it's oranges, blues, and greens.
5: Yes, winter holidays
6: I like to choose my own fabrics and patterns.
7: Both
8: Not really ;D

Mary said...

1. Pieced
2. Traditional (esp 30's)
3. Too many to choose.
4. Blue
5. Christmas
6. Kits
7. Some of each.
8. Celebrated 50 years of marriage
this past July :)

Jessica said...

1.Home Decor (including quilts)
2.Fresh Modern
3.Anna Maria Horner
4.reds, yellows, greens
5.Love the holidays! Christmas, easter, Fall time
6.I prefer to choose fabrics and patterns myself
7.quick and easy
8.thanks for carrying the selection of fabric you do!

Joanna said...

1. I like sewing quilt tops, but I like sewing most things.
2. Classic
3. I love cottons, wools, flannel, rayon, linen...
4. All of them, but I'm partial to cool colors.
5. Yes, and Christimas is the primary one, but right now I'm planning autumn things.
6. Choose my own patterns and fabrics.
7. Time permitting, I will take on a challenge. But right now I'm doing easier things.
8. Thank you for the giveaway, and for asking these questions.

Spendlove said...

1. Quilts, but enjoy learning
2. Modern
3. Way to hard to choose
4. orange (bright earth tones)
5. Yes, Halloween, Christmas
6. both
7. both, always learning
8. Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

1. quilts/bags
2. I love romantic moda prints and contemporary fabric
3. Thimble Blossoms
4. I call them Earth Colors... greens, blues, neautrals
5. Yes! Mostly fall/Halloween
6. Choose my own
7. Quick and Easy!
8. Just that the Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop is GREAT!

-- Robin,

Mindy said...

1. Children's clothing and recently I began sewing quilts it may soon rival kid's clothes.

2. I love reproduction flour sack fabric at the moment, but I really love a wide range of styles.

3. I have several favs: Jane Sassaman, Joel Dewberry, and Amy Butler to name a few.

4. I'm not sure. I am partial to red in general, but I just buy what strikes my fancy.

5. I like to make Christmas presents, but holiday themed stuff I don't really care for. Having said that, I am working on a Valentine's Day tablecloth.

6. I usually choose my own, but if I love the combination of a kit I occasionally will buy it.

7. I don't really like complicated. I'm hoping to build up to that, but it is a little past my skill level at the moment.

8. Thanks for taking the time to read all of these. It shows you really want to meet the needs and desires of your client base.

Jannette said...

1. pieced quilts for donation
2. traditional / batik
3. Joanne Figueroa, Kathy Schmitz
4. reds and greens
5. not really
6. choose my own
7. quick 'n easy, to intermediate
8. I wish you were closer -I'd love to visit in person!

Shelley said...

1. Qilts of all kind
2. New things
3. Amy Buttler, Riley Blake,
Michael Miller, etc.
4. Lots!
5. Yes, Fall and Summer
6. Like to pick for myself
7. A variety
8. Love your store

TxGranny said...

What fun this is:
1. Creations for granddaughter
home decor such as valances
pillows, quilted tablerunners

2. Traditional, country

3. Modas, Amy Butler

4. Blues, pumpkin, greens

5. Holidays, YES, YES, YES

6. Kits, as I'm not creative,
however, my granddaughter

7. Both, quick, more detailed
at times.

8. Your shop is wonderful, very
personal and I miss Max,However,
I do Love "Emma" she is adorable
Thanks for the giveaways..

anniesmom06 said...

1. pieced quilts
2. traditional and modern it depends on the pattern
3. Anna Griffin, Amy Butler
4. pink
5. no
6. choose myself
7. detailed and complicated
8. the blog is wonderful. this giveaway is fun. I love to try new quilting patterns.

Lucky Charms said...

1. I love to make comfort quilts, the one you actually use year round and lately going crazy with tote bags!
2. Modern prints (for now)
3. Love love Moda and Michael Miller
4. Brights and b/w
5. I love to sew Mantle pieces for all the holidays
6. choose myself
7. Quick and easy because I am impatient
8. love the shop online!

Mama24Monkeys said...

1. quilts
2. modern & novelty
3. Heather Ross or Riley Blake
4. grey and white
5. christmas and halloween
6. choose for myself
7. both
8. I like to buy bundles of fabric that are not of the same line but go well together

SheilaC said...

1: I enjoy piecing quilts

2: I like bold colors, with fun patterns. Not so much the soft florals! :)

3: Sandy Gervais, both fabrics and her patterns! Kate Spain, Sweetwater for Moda

4: Purple, blue, green

5: I do! When I have the time. I have several Christmas gifts in my to-do pile. And I have some spring and fall themed things as well

6: I have done both. If I really like the colors in the sample/kit I try to buy it. But I have taken patterns and just run with them too.

7: I don't like things that are TOO easy because then I feel like I didn't really create anything. But, since I am a beginner I need things to be clearly explained with pictures. If they are I can try something a bit more challenging, but I still haven't done Y seams! hehe

8: And finally..... Thank you for a fun give away! And can we see more of Emma on the blog :)

Thank you!

Nancy said...

1. pieced quilts
2.traditional and country
3.Kansas Troubles from Moda
4.Country,blue,green,and golds
5.Not really, don't like the pressure
6.Choose patterns and fabrics myself
7.quick and easy
8.Thank you for a chance to win the gift certificate. You have a great website!

EllenB said...

1.pieced traditional quilts
2.civil war/30s prints
3.Kansas Troubles/any Moda, blues, tans
5.not really-have made 1 tree skirt
6.have purchased kits on sale just to get the fabric
7. more detailed
8.your site is great-thanks for the giveaway!

Samantha Linehan said...

1. baby items: quilts, blankets, nursing covers, burp cloths

2. modern

3. Moda, Amy Butler

4. Bright colors

5. I love to sew for the holidays especially Christmas and birthdays.

6. I like to choose my own fabrics usually, but it depends on the project.

7. I am still a beginner so I like quick and easy. The too complicated ones intimidate me.

8. I LOVE to sew!!! The next thing I want to learn is machine applique!

Bev in TX said...

1. Pieced applique
2. batiks
3. batiks
4. depends on the quilt
5. no
6. choose myself
7. detailed & complicated
8. thanks for the giveaway

Ysabel said...

1.toddlers clothes and gifts for my family
2.sweet & cute
3.Sandy Gervais, Heather Bailey
4.Pinks, purples....
6.choose choose choose...
7.Practical & easy
8.I love Emma's picks, she is very cute.

Donna C said...

1. pieced quilts-which I donate to charities, purses, and clothing for
2. batiks, floral, modern, brights,
anything that "catches my eye".
3. Hoffman, Michael Miller and many
4. blues, purples, greens, yellows,
all colors.
5. Christmas
6. I usally like to choose my own fabrics and patterns.
7. I usally do quick and easy projects, sometimes I will do detailed work.
8. "Thank You" for this fun giveaway!!

Miss Debbie said...

1. pieced quilts
2. antebellum/traditional
3. 3 Sisters by Moda
4. corals/reds/purples
5. yes, Halloween and Easter
6. both it just depends how much time I have
7. detailed and complicated
8. I wish I could find a pincushion for longarm quilters made out of wool

Patricia said...

1. machine pieced
2. Batiks
3. Terri Atkinson, Karen Combs, Perkins Dry Goods
4. Fall
5. Patriotic, Christmas
6. Kits
7. Quick & East that LOOK detailed and complicated!
8. I have been so busy doing quilts for baby gifts and wedding gifts that I would like to have time to do one for my own bed!!

Nancy Sue said...

1. Pieced Quilts
2.Traditional. I'm a newbie, so I'll start here at traditional before reinventing the wheel.
3.I'm drawn more to the Civil War prints and more traditional.
4. Browns, golds, and tans. Boring I know, but it makes my heart go pitter pat!
5.Fall and winter holidays.
6.Choose fabrics and patterns myself. Even in my newbie-ness, I feel in more control.
7. I like to have a monster growing in the background where I can chip away at it, while having little projects going on in the forefront. You know, for those small victory/finishing warm fuzzy feelings that inspire me to chip away more at the monsters in the closet!
8. I wish there were more closed captioned videos on the internet. Being deaf, the blog pictorial/tutorials are a god send. But only a handful of tutorial videos are closed captioned. Just trying to get the word out (pun intended).
nsue21702 at gmail dot com

Kimberly R. said...

1. Bags
2. Modern
3. Kaffe Fassett
4. Blue
5. No
6. Choose Myself
7. Quick and Easy
8. Thanks for the Giveaway!!
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Susan said...

2:cottons, blends
4:greens and purples
5:sometimes easter valentine christmas
6:both depends on my inspiration
7:quick and easy no patients
8:love your piece of cake apron kit.

Susan said...

2:cottons, blends
4:greens and purples
5:sometimes easter valentine christmas
6:both depends on my inspiration
7:quick and easy no patients
8:love your piece of cake apron kit.

CJ said...

1. baby quilts or purses
2. modern
3. Kate Spain is the top of my list right now
4. Reds, black, white (although I have never used this combo!)
5. I like to sew gifts for Christmas.
6. choose for myself but I love pre-cuts of an entire line
7. quick & easy
8. I loved our vacation to Wash.D.C., I hope you have a great time.

gracie said...

1.Pieced Quilts
2. Traditional
3.Amy Butler
4.Black and White
5.Yes- Christmas
6.Choose Fabrick
7More detailed and Complicated

Laura W. said...

1. I like sewing quick and easy baby quilts the best!

2: Modern.

3: I love Alexander Henry and Heather Ross.
4: Any color really, but I have trouble staying away from prints.

5: I like sewing gifts for Christmas!

6: I've never bought a kit, but the idea of it appeals to me.
7:Quick and easy!

8: Thanks for the chance to win!
LauraL444 at yahoo dot com

dawn said...

1. Pieced quilts
2. Love Batiks
3. Sorry, don't have a favorite.
4. I don't have a favorite sewing color. The color depends on the pattern and the "who the quilt is for".
5. Have never made anything holiday specific.
6. I like to do both. Buy a kit when I have the money, stretch out the funds and buy a little at a time when I don't.
7. I much prefer quick and easy :)
8. This was fun!! Thanks for the "A+", haven't gotten an A for anything in a LONG time. Would love to win, already have it spent in your shop!! ;)

malleycc said...

1: What is your favorite type of item to sew? pieced quilts

2: What is your favorite style of fabric? I love modern or mixed (I used old clothes)

3: Do you have a favorite fabric or pattern designer? I have never used any designer pattern.

4: What are your favorite colors to use in sewing projects? pinks

5: Do you like to sew for the holidays? Which holidays? I'd love to for Christmas but never seem to get enough time.

6: Do you prefer to buy kits or do you want to choose fabrics and patterns for yourself? I have one kit but never have finished it.

7: Do you prefer quick & easy projects or projects that are more detailed and complicated? quick & easy I am not a very good sewer.

8: And there anything else you'd like to tell me? Thanks for the chance to win :)

Pat said...

1. pieced and needle-turn applique
2. batiks and everything else
3. I like everyone
4. depends on pattern, no favorites but do like brights
5. no
6. prefer to choose BUT kits can be fine for quick, easy gifts
7. detailed, complicated
8. Thank you for the great giveaway!

Susan said...

1. Home decor and clothes
2. Whimsical
3. Too many good ones to choose just one
4. Bright and cherry
5. Fall, Christmas and Easter
6. Choose my own fabrics and patterns
7. I do and enjoy both
8. Love this site!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

1- Pieced quilt
2- Modern
3- Michael Miller
4- Blues & purples
5- Not particularly
6 - Sometimes I buy kits for speed and convenience, sometimes I want to make it uniquely me.
7- Prefer quick and easy so it actually get finished in my lifetime.
8- I love fat quarters bundled by color.

Debbie C said...

1: pieced quilts


3:Rachel Ashwell

4: Pink and green

5: Yes, Christmas and Halloween

6: choose fabrics and patterns for myself?

7: Something in between, really.

8: I want to say thanks for the giveaway and all your hard work.

Teresa Choplin said...

1: Curtains and Valances
2: Traditional fabrics
3: No, I don't, I am a great make your own, but am not good at the patterns, don't even own any patterns. I love to make my curtains and things by myself.
4: Bright and Bold
5: OH yes, I sew all yr. but give gifts for all occasions, like house-warmings, birthdays, and especially X-mas.
6: I choose my own fabric, measure my window, and just have a great since of pride when I give the finished product as a gift.
7: Since I am a stay-at home mom, taxi-cab driver for my kids, waitress and cook at my home kitchen, everything has to be quick and easy.
8: I love to redecorate, rearrange the rooms, and one of the simplist ways to do this cost effective is to change the curtains, and I have passed this love on to my boys, so they are always changing their rooms. So I do alot of sewing to make our house look different all the time. I try to find the fabrics on sale, it's so easy to make a piecs of fabric into a curtain, and it just totally changes the look!
Thanks for letting me express my love for sewing and redecorating.

Robbie said...

1. Pieced quilts
2. Modern
3. Blake Reily (Amanda Herring)
4. I use quite a variety of colors
5. Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July
6. Kits are very nice!
7. Quick and easy
8. Love your shop. thanks for the fun giveaway!

where's the other shoe? said...

1.quilts and home decor
2.bright colors
3.No favorite
4.the brighter the better but purples & blues a lot.
5.I'll sew for anything, who needs a holiday! :)
7.both, but usually only have time for quick & easy
8.This is a great giveaway. Thanks!

pippirose said...

1. Small appliqued quilts
2. modern
3. too many to list
4. brights
5. Christmas
6. Choose myself
7. Quick and easy
8. Love your shop...your blog...and thanks for the giveaway!

pippirose59 at gmail dot com

CathyB said...

My kind of giveaway!!

1. My favorite item to sew is children's clothing.
2. My favorite style of fabric is whimsical.
3. I don't have a favorite fabric or pattern designer. I am a fabric-a-holic. I love all fabric!
4. I love to use bright colors.
5. I like to sew for the holidays, especially Christmas.
6. I don't buy kits. I usually try to decide what I want to make, and them browse around until I find the right pattern and fabric.
7. I love an easy project, but occasionally I really enjoy the challenge of creating something a little more detailed.
8. I am a 54 year old seamstress. I have been making my own clothes for about 40 years. (not all of them) The past few years I made and sold some children't clothing locally. I must have a creative outlet, and sewing seems to be it.
Thanks for the giveaway.
dancejamboree at gmail dot com

dessie10 said...

1 Toys - stuffed
2 traditional
3 varies - what ever catches my eye
4 bright colors - varies
5 Christmas
6 choose fabric and patterns
7 depends on the item or project
8 Love the contest

MAC Mom said...

1. Costumes & Baby Clothes
2. Modern
3. Kokka Japan
4. All the colors especially Brights
5. yes, Halloween
6. Prefer to choose my own
7. Quick & Easy its hard enough to sew with 3 children in the house.
8. Thanks.

giggling kids said...

2: Modern

3: I like all of them!
4: Pink,green, orange, maroon, purple, Blue, Red, and brown/

5: Yes! Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

6: I like to to buy kits and choose for myself!

7: I like both!

8.Thanks for the Great Giveaway!

Garilyn said...

1. Quilts and children's clothes
2. I think it's a mix of modern and romantic.
3. I like a lot of Moda and Jennifer P.
4. Turquoise and Orange; pink and green
5. Christmas
6. I've never bought a kit (I usually can't afford a kit all at once, and I've picked my own patterns.)
7. Quick and easy, but like learning new techniques.
8. I'm a new follower!
blessed.mama4 at