Friday, October 8, 2010

Bright New Fat Quarter Bundles

I just have to say thanks again for all the fabulous responses to my Survey last month. I was so glad to hear that you love bright fabrics because I LOVE bright fabrics too! It inspired me to create a few new Fat Quarter Bundles from some of our most popular bright fabrics.

This one is the Rainbow 2 Fat Quarter Bundle.....
And yes, there was a Rainbow 1 Fat Quarter Bundle but it sold out super fast. It's just like a Crayola Crayon box of fabric, isn't it?

And this is the Farmer's Market 2 Fat Quarter Bundle.....
If you're a big fan of Sandi Henderson's fabrics you may notice that one of those fabrics is from her Meadowsweet Collection, not her Farmer's Market Collection. I just needed one more orangey-yellow fabric to get a good mix of colors. Don't you just love the fresh and juicy colors in this collection? Don't you wanna go on a picnic with a basket of fruit in a field of flowers right now.....or is it just me?

And I actually added this one a few weeks ago but it's bright and happy and semi-new so we'll include it in this post! It's the Santorini Mini Fat Quarter Bundle and it's full of luscious, Greek Isles, garden inspired colors.....
I can't wait to show you more new fabrics......but right now it's Friday evening.....and the dogs are staring at me.....I think they want dinner.....and there's a glass of wine, a sofa, a t.v. and a sewing project that are all calling my name.

Happy Sewing,


ShirleyC said...

I do love pretty fabrics. I really like the Farmer's Market colorway you posted.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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