Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Results Are In......

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Survey last month! I had so much fun reading your answers and this is really going to help me make the shop even better! Here are the results and I've included my answers to the questions too.

Questions #1 was "What is your favorite type of item to sew?"

-Quilts was by far the number 1 answer. No surprise there! The distant second and third were Totes/Purses and Baby Clothes/Items. And an even more distant 4th and 5th were clothes and home decor items.

-And when it comes to the type of quilt....well....pieced quilts won by a landslide with 87% of the vote. Applique got about 13%. Paper Piecing and Art Quilts got 1 vote each.

-As for me......I like to sew a little of everything. Pieced quilts, applique, clothes, purses and home decor.

Question #2 was "What is your favorite style of fabric?"

-Modern was a clear winner with 32% of the vote. Traditional came in second place with 22% of the vote. And Batiks came in third with 11% of the vote (I've been meaning to add those to the shop and it's good to know that you like them!) Rounding out the top five were Romantic with about 5% and Colorful with about 5%. A lot of you also said that it depends on the project or you don't have a favorite style.

-I'd have to say that Modern is my favorite style too. But I'm definitely also a sucker for anything sweet and feminine and romantic in pink and green.

Question #3 was "Do you have a favorite fabric or pattern designer?"

-Well....the answer was "yes" but there was no clear cut front runner. Everyone seemed to vote for a different designer. But some of the ones that got votes from a few of you were Moda (no surprise there), Amy Butler (again....no surprise), Riley Blake, Fig Tree Quilts, Kaffe Fassett, Heather Ross and Michael Miller.

-And wow.....I guess I don't have a favorite designer either. I love so many of them it's hard to choose a favorite!

Question #4 was "What are your favorite colors to use in sewing projects?"

-It was a 3 way tie for first place. The winners were brights, blues and greens. Red was a very close second place. I was very surprised to see purple in third place! Pink, earth tones, aqua/teal and orange are also popular.

-My personal favorite is pink and green (which only got 1% of the vote!) I also like brights and beachy colors and pastels.

Question #5 was "Do you like to sew for the holidays? Which holidays?"

-2/3 of you like to sew for the holidays. And Christmas was a clear cut winner with 55% of the holiday vote. Halloween came in second with about 21%. Rounding out the top five were Fall/Thanksgiving, Easter and Patriotic/4th of July.

-Yup - I LOVE to sew holiday items for any holiday!

Question #6 was "Do you prefer to buy kits or do you want to choose fabrics and patterns for yourself?"

-This is where I was shocked. Totally shocked. 71% of you prefer to choose your own fabrics, 20% said that you do both and 9% of you said that you like to buy kits. I thought that kits would be the overwhelming winner!

-Well.....before I had my own quilt shop I always wanted to buy kits! I'd occasionally substitute some fabrics that came in the kit.....but I loved the feeling of buying a new kit and having it all right there in one nice little package.

Question #7 was "Do you prefer quick and easy projects or projects that are more detailed and complicated?"

-No surprise here - 47% of you prefer quick and easy projects. 34% of you said you like to do both. And 19% prefer the more complicated, detailed and challenging projects.

-As for me.....I like to do both. Sometimes it's fun to have a challenge.....sometimes I just want to get something done and move on to the next project.

Question #8 was "Is there anything else you'd like to tell me?"

-Well gosh.....I just love you guys! So many of you posted nice little compliments there. I'm blushing.....Thanks! I'd also like to say Happy 50th Anniversary to Mary who mentioned that she celebrated that big milestone in July! And a special thank you to the five of you who mentioned Emma in your comments! And Sheila even said that she wants to see MORE of Emma on the blog! I think that's a fabulous idea!

And here's a random picture of Emma in case you don't know who she is. And because a blog post without pictures is really boring.....
Thanks again for participating in this! It was so fun to read your answers and learn more about what you like. I'm definitely going to start doing occasional surveys (maybe every 6 months) since this one turned out so great. I love to know what you're thinking!

Happy Sewing,

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