Thursday, September 15, 2011

Me And My Bright Ideas

A while back I decided that I just had to make a Girl In Paris Quilt by Fig Tree Quilts......
Using the Penelope fabrics by Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Dry Goods.  Isn't it the perfect combination for some major French Ooh La La-ness?
And earlier this week I couldn't fight the urge to start pulling fabrics for this quilt even though I have about 20 other projects that I'm working on right now! To make matters worse I was supposed to be doing business-y things at the time.....but I convinced myself that part of my job is providing sewing inspiration to my readers so this should be considered hard work....not having fun and playing with fabric!
My original plan had been to do the quilt in pink and black.  But when I saw how great the pinks from Penelope looked with the Currant colorway from Mill House Inn my plans changed just a little bit.  The Currant fabrics still gave me the contrast I was looking for but in a somewhat softer way than the black did.
And then I gathered up a bunch of soft greens from Patisserie and Mill House Inn....
And of course I raided my stash too!  And now I'm being taunted by this pile of gorgeous-ness!
And I will continue to be taunted by that pile until I get my Living Room Quilt and Hooterville done. My usual system is to abandon a work in progress the moment I get an idea for another project.  But, I'm realllllly trying to be good and I'm determined to finish two unfinished projects for every new project I want to start!

And if you're in the mood for more French applique Ooh La La adorable-ness you should take a peek at the Mon Ami pattern by the Vintage Spool.....
I'm off to go work on my unfinished quilts now!

Happy Sewing,


Kathy MacKie said...

Love, love, love your fabric choices. Never let an unfinished project stand in the way of a new idea.

WoolenSails said...

Those are fun quilts and great fabric choices.