Monday, February 20, 2012

Granny Square Love

Things in Granny Square Land are moving along quickly! I've laid out all my little squares and I'm completely in love. You know how when you're starting a quilt and you always wonder if it's going to look as good as you imagine it's going to look in your head? Well....I've gotta say....mine turned out even better than I imagined!
It's a good thing we rarely use our dining room table because it's going to be Granny Square land for a while. Right now I'm focusing on the layout within each individual block. Once each block is sewn together I'll start playing "Musical Blocks" to figure out the final placement of each one. It's obviously too hard to move the blocks around before all those little squares are sewn together!
I love each and every single block. There's not a single one that I'm not happy with.
And I used so many of my favorite fabrics. Fabrics that I've had for years. Fabrics that I've been hoarding and protecting and just waiting for the perfect project to introduce itself to me.
I'm so glad these fabrics are all going to have a home now. They've been patient and they deserve to come out of hiding!

Right now I need to go photograph each block and put them in individual baggies. I've learned many valuable (and painful) lessons in the past about how quilts and kitties don't mix. I have three kitties who are just waiting to dance and play on these squares. Or do something far worse!
Have you caught Granny Square Fever yet? Tell me all about it!

Happy Sewing,


Debi P said...

I had a quilt with over 400 blocks layed out on the carpet. Fussed over it for a couple of days to get it just right. Then my cat came ripping into the room and scattered blocks everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Well I have now! Thanks for this post (btw, I'm new to your blog and I love how you give your adorable King Charles blog time! My Cocker Spaniel is my only child and is ├╝ber important too) because I've been trying to decide on a pattern for quilts for my folks. They lost almost everything in a fire last month and I have the charm packs but hadn't figured out a layout or even pattern to use them in. Thanks! This might just work. If not, I will be making some Granny Square blocks anyway.