Monday, February 13, 2012

Kicking My Feet Up!

Another much needed 4 Day Staycation has come and gone - boo hoo! Mr. Sew Fab asked me when I plan on doing my next Staycation. I asked if this weekend would be too soon! And I'm also wondering if it would be too self-indulgent and ridiculous if I took a week long Spring Break Staycation....Hmmmm.......

As always, I spent my time eating and lounging around and sewing and getting caught up on sleep. I made yummy spicy seared tuna with sushi rice, bok choy and homemade beurre blanc sauce (it's the best sauce ever!). If this sounds familiar to some of you it's because it's the signature dish at Roy Yamaguchi's restaurant chain called Roy's.
And there was also some homemade pizza bianca being nibbled on....
And I can't let a staycation go by without making my favorite sushi - The Cowboy Roll. I think I mentioned this one before but I'll just explain it again briefly - it's Filet Mignon (cooked but still on the rare side), avocado, green onions and the magical sauce that consists of mayo and as much Srirachi as you like (I don't like a lot - I can't handle the heat!).
And if you're wondering.....yes, it's really hard to get the hang of making sushi. Over the course of several months I made about 20 rolls that fell apart before I finally "got it." Now, it's a pretty easy thing for me to do. So if you're considering trying to make sushi you should definitely do it! Just know that your first attempts will probably be hilarious disasters. But hilarious disasters still taste delicious! They just don't look pretty.

And I spent tons of time sitting in my NEW HOT TUB! I can't believe I have a hot tub!!! The hot tub was a birthday gift from Mr. Sew Fab and my Mom.....what shall we call her? Mama Sew Fab? Anyway, my birthday was back in January.....or JENuary as I like to call it but unfortunately they couldn't get all the neighborhood approval red tape and the appropriate electrical doo-ma-flochies installed in time for my birthday. just arrived here last week and I'm in love!
I would sit and have a glass of wine in the hot tub every evening as my lifeguard looked on!
She kind of has a disapproving look on her face, doesn't she? I think she's saying I need to be drinking my wine out of a plastic cup not a GLASS. Oops! I already violated my no glass in the pool rule!

The hot tub was going to be a great way to relax after my long runs.....but unfortunately there's no running in my future for a little while. There's a ridiculous and annoying thing called Over-Training Syndrome that you can get from working out too much and I guess I worked out too much. Oops! Did you know you can actually work out too much? Doesn't that sound silly? But I've learned the hard way that it's true. So now the hot tub is going to be part of my over-training recovery! And if anyone out there knows anything about overtraining or has had it or knows someone who has had it please feel free to tell me about it. The insomnia (one of the many FUN symptoms) is kicking my behind! But, I'm looking on the bright side...I'll use the time I would have spent running for sewing instead!

I'm off to go work on Valentine's Day dinner. Yes, I know it's the 13th but Mr. Sew Fab is heading out of town tomorrow so we're doing our celebration tonight. I'll be making sushi again! We're having more Cowboy Rolls and some Crunchy Shrimp and we've been wondering if Scallops (cooked!) and bacon (cooked!) would be good in sushi so we're giving that a whirl tonight too! And I made Creme Brulee for the first time ever - Keeping my fingers crossed that it turned out o.k.! I'll let you know how all of the Adventures in Cooking go!

Happy Sewing,


mama sew fab said...

happy you had a wonderful staycation - but a little worried about your insomnia -- do you still have it? what a beautiful hot tub and lifeguard!!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy you had a wonderful staycation - but a little worried about your insomnia -- do you still have it? what a beautiful hot tub and lifeguard!!!!!