Monday, October 29, 2012

A Tale Of Two Kitty Beds

As I'm sure you all know, today is National Cat Day!  What?  You had no idea???  Well, there's still time to rush out and get some fresh tuna and organic catnip for your kitties......assuming that you don't live in the Northeast in the path of Frankenstorm - Ugh!  If you're in the Northeast just stay home and you can make it up to them on another day!

Anyway, I decided to buy a really nice heated cat bed for my 18.5 year old, Cassi.  The ol' girl has been seeking out warm spots lately so I thought she could use a luxurious, snuggly, plush heated bed now that winter is almost here.  Aren't I a nice kitty Mommy?

Well.....the cat bed has been here for two weeks and here's how things have been going.....that's Cassi on the left in her ratty, old, sunken in bed.  And that's Bailey on the right in the brand new heated cat bed.  No matter what I do she refuses to get in the nice, new bed.   What's up with kitties these days?  You buy them something wonderful....something you know that they need.....and they just don't appreciate what you've done for them!  But at least someone is getting some use out of it.  And maybe Cassi will come around one day......

And to all of you in the Northeast....I'm sending lots of happy thoughts your way and keeping my fingers crossed that things won't be as bad as the weather forecasters are predicting.  Big hugs to all of you and just do lots of sewing to stay calm and pass the time!

Happy Sewing,

P.S.  Daisy is doing great!  There's no picture of her in this National Cat Day post just because she's soooo camera shy.


JustPam said...

You are a good mama! I wonder if you could put a heating pad under her old bed?
We will be at the epicenter of the two storms when they collide later this evening. Now lots of wind and rain. Frankenstorm is a great name for this!

Missy Shay said...

Cats are creatures of habits and refuse to change! My 16 year old is siting on the back of the couch soaking up the sun from the windows.

SewCalGal said...

I'm really happy to see your post with a theme of National Cat Day. Your kitties in their beds looks so cute & comfy.

Have you heard about Padworth's Project to make pet beds for furry children living in shelters?