Friday, October 26, 2012

My Newly Scheduled Life

I did something wild and crazy this week and I actually attempted to follow a schedule.  Crazy, right?  And what's even crazier is that I let Col. Sew Fab make the schedule for me!  You know I've been on my whole "get more organized and be more efficient kick" and this seemed to be the logical next step.  So instead of randomly floating through my day trying to follow to-do lists written on 10 different scraps of paper I'm actually following a very detailed schedule. 
Don't be too impressed yet.....there were some snafus along the way.  It's hard to get used to following a new schedule.  Especially when it has you waking up at 5:00 frickin' a.m. in the morning so you can get your daily run in before you start work at 8:00.  And there was the little incident on Thursday afternoon where I freaked out because I was sooooo off-schedule and instead of trying to re-group and carry on I did what any sane person would do....I made a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough and ate it by the spoonful.   But's going great and I feel like I got twice as much done this week!  

And all these other miraculous things are happening too......the top of my desk isn't covered in piles of paperwork.  And it's not because I shoved it all in a closet somewhere.  It's because the paperwork is actually done.  And for the first time in....well....forever...I can actually say that I'm caught up on Quickbooks because there is a time slot for it in my schedule.  So instead of doing Quickbooks my normal way (avoiding it until the pile of receipts has built up for a year and just looking at the pile is giving me an ulcer and the accountant is asking me for my records because tax deadlines are looming) I dealt with Quickbooks in a new way - I actually did it when it when it was supposed to get done.  Wild, huh?!

And I've even scheduled in time for the good work stuff like Illustrator class and SEWING TIME!  Yay!

And Emma is adjusting to the new schedule well.  She's willing to wake up at 5:30 a.m. but not a moment before.....
Gotta's time for lunch on the schedule.



SewCalGal said...

Too funny. I'm back to doing this too. I was dropping the ball on too many things, so have started relying on my daily planner to ensure I have time blocked!


ShirleyC said...

That's funny! I'm retired, and I couldn't stay on a schedule if I tried. There is always some kind of interruption.

Veronica Klosiewski said...

There's no way I could follow a schedule, I couldn't even get the wash done on the same day each week! But then I'm retired now and it's not a problem. Hope you can get it to work for you.