Monday, August 5, 2013

16 Miles

Marathon training
Runners are annoying.  And for that I apologize.  It doesn't mean that I'm going to stop be just means that I recognize that I'm annoying......and I'm really sorry about that!

We're obsessed with times and stats and numbers and we never miss an opportunity to tell anyone who will listen about our latest "Personal Best."  And really.....only other runners or immediate family members and best friends would find any of this even remotely interesting. 

But I'm super excited about something that I just did so I have to be annoying and share it with you guys.  I just finished up Week 5 of marathon training.  And there was a 16 mile run at the end of the week (there's always a long run on Saturdays on the training plan I'm following).  Ummmm......SCARY!!!  The furthest I've ever ran before is 14 miles and I've only done that twice and it was sooooo hard.  

So, I was hoping to do my 16 mile run in under 3:30.  I was basing this guestimate on my average pace from my previous long runs.  And I would have been really happy had I done it in under 3:15.  And I would have been shocked and thrilled had I done it in 3:00.  But do you see that time up there.......YEAH......that says 2:50!  Knock me over with a feather! probably could have knocked me over with a feather after I ran 16 miles at a fast pace in summer in central California!  But it was sooooo worth it!  I loved every minute of it!  I even forgot to stop running after I hit the stopwatch button at 16 miles!!!

And to think that a year ago I thought a 5 mile run was really long and I was hoping that one day I'd be able to run 10 miles!  Soooo you dear, sweet, fabulous, talented, amazing person.....yes I'm talking to YOU......whatever thing you're thinking of doing and you're not quite sure you can do me.....YOU CAN! 

And I'm starting to wonder if this whole numbers obsession is going to flow over into my quilting life now.  Am I going to start saying things like...."it took me 55 minutes to make that last Madhuri quilt block.....I need to do the next one in 52 minutes!"  And will I start going around asking people what their "Personal Best" time is for making a Swoon Quilt Block?  Or what's the longest time they've ever sewn without taking a break???

Soooo......what cool thing have you done recently?  I'd love to hear about your latest accomplishment no matter how big or small.  Even if it's just that you remembered to put the clothes in the dryer right after the washer finished it's cycle!  Because around here.....that's a big accomplishment too!


P.S.  Next Saturday.....18 miles!  

P.S. #2 - Did you see the best part of the picture?  Go back....take another look.....I didn't realize Baxter and Emma were fighting over a stuffed pink pig in the background when I took the picture!

P.S. #3 - My training plan is the Runner's World First Timer's Marathon Training Plan.  It's 16 weeks long and I have medium length runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, long runs on Saturdays, short runs on Sundays and rest or cross training days on Monday and Friday.


Anshu said...

So do we get the 18 miles post next monday? I for one will be excited to hear all about it.

The Mom said...

You know you are like your brother with this counting/timing numbers thing, right?? He started when he was around two -
What have I let loose on the world??
But, ummmm, Good On You!!!!!