Monday, August 19, 2013

A Whole Lot Of Nothing

Hexagons for quilt
Staycation August 2013 has come and gone.....sigh.....and I'm not embarrassed to admit that I spent most of my time doing a whole lot nothing.  I had made a list of all of the fun things I could work on during my five days off......all of my quilts in progress, my dollhouses, Illustrator class, books, magazines, etc.....I had big plans to do lots and lots of fun stuff......and I didn't do a single thing on that list.  But that's the good thing about Staycation.....there are no rules!  You just do whatever you feel like doing.   And I felt like doing nothing.  

I spent most of my time bonding with my sofa and Netflix marathons - Continuum and Roswell are pretty good shows if you ask me!  And just in case you aren't familiar with them, Continuum is a fairly new, smart, interesting sci-fi crime show.  And Roswell is an older show that's a sci-fi teen romance/drama that is more of a guilty pleasure than high quality entertainment.  And what is it about these t.v. shows on Netflix streaming.....once I find a new show I like I have no restraint and I CAN'T stop myself from watching episode after episode after episode.  I need an intervention! 

I actually pulled myself off of the sofa and "ran" 18 miles on Saturday.  And by "run" I mean that when I started my "run" it was in the 80s and I was actually running but by the time I was halfway done it had soared into the 90s and it was 97 degrees by the time I was done.  Ouch!  So by the second half of my "run" there was a lot more walking than running going on but I DIDN'T STOP!  And just in case you're wondering......marathon training isn't easy!  Especially not in central California during a summertime heat wave!

By Sunday afternoon I was finally itching to do something crafty!  I wanted to do something very simple that didn't require frequent trips to the ironing board, constantly having to look at directions and something with little room for making mistakes because the seam ripper had the weekend off.  Under normal circumstances I would have whipped out one of my quilts that I'm in the middle of hand's the perfect mindless activity to occupy bored fingers......but it's way too hot out to even think about having a quilt on my lap to hand tie. 

So I started making some hexies instead with no plan of where I was going with this new project.  I just whipped out some of my prettiest fabrics in my favorite color palette of pink, green, aqua, periwinkle and yellow and started making hexies.  I thought I might make two or three......but as you can see there are seven.  So I feel pretty obligated to actually do something with these and turn them into something cute.  I'm thinking I might make a small, 12 hexie wall hanging for my office.  What do you think?  Any idea for what to do with the hexies?

So now it's back to reality until my next Staycation in October!

Happy Sewing,


Spoolhardy Girl said...

I got nothing for you. I have stacks of my own hexies that could become something.......someday. But they are great for just fiddling around with in front of the TV that's for sure!

Sherri said...

Your hexies are gorgeous! I've been working on them this week too...still no definite plan for them, but I do love them!