Friday, August 9, 2013

Aunt Jenny

My niece Aurora Maria
A few random updates and thoughts from my week.....

-I am now Auntie Jenny!  My brother and sister-in-law welcomed little baby Aurora into the world on Wednesday, August 7.  I'm not one who normally gushes over babies......I know, I know - that's a terrible thing to confess......especially since I enthusiastically gush over puppies and kittens.....but I have to say......this baby is quite obviously the smartest, sweetest, prettiest, most perfect little girl in the world.  And I'm certainly not biased at all!

-We took the fur babies to Yosemite on Sunday.  Col Sew Fab and the "kids" LOVED it!  Me.....not so much.  I guess that's another terrible confession.  I do not like national parks.  I just don't get it.  There's a lot of dirt and some trees and some rivers full of rocks.  What's the big deal?  Please forgive me if you LOVE national parks!  Maybe next time we'll take a bottle of wine and some nice snacks and we can turn it into more of a "glamping" day trip!
So excited to arrive at Yosemite!
So exhausted after the trip to Yosemite!
-I have been feeling sooooo run down all week with a bit of a scratchy throat and a mild headache that just won't go away.  All week I've felt like I'm about to come down with a terrible cold but I just continue to teeter on the edge....

-On a related note, I'm postponing my 18 mile run that I was supposed to do tomorrow until next weekend.  I'm guessing that if I'm "teetering" on the edge of a cold and I go out and try to run 18 miles.....well.....I'm pretty sure I'll end up in "full sickness mode" and not just "teetering on the edge of sickness mode."

-I'm taking a MUCH needed Staycation next week!  I was in desperate need of a Staycation right before I found out we were moving in April and I never got one.  So you can just imagine how much I need one now!  Just a few days to rest, relax and re-group - sounds heavenly doesn't it?!  I was planning on doing my usual Thursday to Sunday Staycation....but I'm seriously tempted to throw in Wednesday too.  The extra day will be kind of like the interest payment on the missed Staycation in April, right?!  And the world is most likely not going to fall apart if I take an extra day off, right?  Hmmm....what do you think?

-Emma is doing GREAT since her horrible health scare!  She sends lots of thanks and licks and hugs to everyone for all of the moral support and happy thoughts and prayers that came her way!

-I've made NO progress on any sewing projects this week.....the whole "teetering on the edge of a cold" thing will really slow a girl down!

Aunt Jenny

P.S.  Sammy went to Yosemite too!  I just didn't get her in any of the pics.


Grandma said...

I agree that your niece is all of those things!!

and you definitely deserve an extra day or more of staycation - because the stress you were under worrying about Emma has earned you another day besides your interest-day.

and don't worry about not loving state parks - you were spoiled by going to God's Country every summer - i.e. Wisconsin - Lake Mendota, etc. just can't top that!!

Mimi said...

Your niece is beautiful!!! Congrats!!

Susan P said...

Such a beautiful baby! On another note, I had to laugh when I see your dog sleeping on top of the back cushion on your couch. My dog does the same thing! He's pretty much destroyed the cushion, but this is where we find him most of the day!

Laura said...

So freaking cute those cavies! Jealous you did Yosemite. I've always wanted to go but it's been snowed out when I've been in the area.