Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - Hexie Happiness

Oh, how I love making these hexies!  They go together quickly.....they require very little brain power....they only require small bits and pieces of fabrics so you can cut into your favorite fabrics that you've been hoarding forever without panicking too much.....and they look oh so pretty when they're all piled up together!

I added two new hexies to the pile last night but I'm just not sure about the yellow floral one.....
Pink, green, yellow, aqua, periwinkle hexie quilt
I think the flowers on the yellow one look a little loud and out of place next to the other hexies....
pink, green, yellow, aqua, lavender hexie quilt
Here's the same pile of Hexie Happiness without the yellow floral one....
pink, green, yellow, aqua, periwinkle hexie quilt
What do you think?  It's better without the loud yellow floral one, isn't it? I need to make a new yellow and lavender hexie, don't I?  I hope I don't offend the yellow floral hexie if I don't let it into the quilt (yes - I really do worry about the feeling of inanimate objects)!  Maybe I should just applique it onto the back so it doesn't feel left out???

And here's my other Hexie million dollar question.....

Should I make a bazillion white hexies to go in between the hexie flowers?  It will take a LONG time.....and for some reason it's sooo boring to make white hexies even though it's the exact same process as making colorful hexies....but that would make it a TRUE hexie quilt!

OR......should I just applique the hexies onto a white background and save myself a ton of time.  Is that hexie cheating?  What do you think?

Happy Sewing,

P.S.  I'm using these pre-cut 1" hexagons to do my English Paper Piecing.

P.S. #2
This week's stats:
Active WIPs:  UP TO 8!  What is wrong with me?!  Why don't I ever just finish one project before I start a new one!!!  I need an intervention!!!
Must Make:  14
Back Burner WIPs:  4
Ready To Go: 12
New Projects:  None
Forgotten/Abandoned Projects:  None!


Julia said...

The answer is simple ;) Forget about the white hexies and simply add one flower to the other.
Alternatively put a row of white hexies around each flower.

I love the colours.

The Mom said...

That yellow hexie does not bother me at all -- maybe it is more irritating in person, but from across the country, it looks fine. And while you decide about white hexies, remember how many projects you have going, and your running, and all your fur babies who need constant attention. I would go the easiest, quickest way.
But that is how I like to roll!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow flower hexie!!! Did I memtion I loved it? :D

Anonymous said...

I love the hexies, they are darling. I vote onto a white back ground. I am doing a hexie flower quilt at the moment and I am sewing them to each other. I am too far into the process to change but if I could I would sew them to a background. It allows you so much more freedom to arrange and play.

Beth said...

I like the yellow one in there. Not sure on the white I like the flowers next to each other. Good luck!

Denise in PA said...

Love your hexies (yes, even that new yellow one). I'm in the same place you are - a pile of hexies and wondering if I should choose a "path" fabric or applique them. I'm hoping to get inspiration from the folks who comment here!

Sherri said...

I've also been trying to decide how to finish my hexies. After reading the comments so far I really think I'm going to appliqué them to white background squares.