Monday, January 7, 2013

How Did I Let This Happen?

I've let something unthinkable happen!  As of right now I have no applique quilts ready to sew.  I have no pieced quilts ready to sew.  I have no quilts ready for hand or machine quilting.  I have tons and tons and TONS of boxes full of fabric for different quilts I plan on making....but none of them are cut out and ready to sew.  The only projects that are ready for immediate sewing are torn up dog toys that need to be repaired. And that's just sad.  My little fingers are very sewing deprived right now!
Going Coastal Granny Square Quilt
So, I'm cutting out squares for a Going Coastal Granny Square Quilt as quickly as possible. quickly as possible without wrecklessly almost cutting a finger off again.  Anyway.....I'm fussy cutting the Bottlecaps print (3" squares) and throwing in some of the other prints from the Going Coastal Collection and maybe some Shore Thing and a few solids too.  And after I have a bajillion squares cut out I'll just start playing around with them and see what happens!
Going Coastal beachy & nautical Bottlecaps quilting fabric
I can't wait to see how this looks!  I'm cautiously optimistic that it's gonna be really cute!

Happy Sewing,

P.S.  The Going Coastal and Shore Thing Collections are by Emily Herrick for Michael Miller Fabrics

P.S. #2  The original Granny Square Quilt that I made used 2.5" squares.  I had to increase the size of the squares on this one to 3" because that size was perfect for fussy cutting the Bottlecaps prints.


Spoolhardy Girl said...

I did my Swoon quilt in Going Coastal. I still have some scraps left that I've been saving for "just the right thing." I love that line so much!

Missy Shay said...

I can't wait to see it! I'm making a granny square quilt and I love it!

Mommarock said...

Atleast there is a remedy to the situation, and there is always hexagons to keep the fingers busy :)