Monday, October 12, 2009

Emma's Pick Of The Week - The Blues

Hey's me.....Emma Jane.......and my big brother, Max. We've got the blues. Mommy and Daddy have been in Houston at Quilt Market for 4 days. They're looking at all the new fabrics and patterns that will be coming out in the next few months. And they're having all sorts of fun without us. Well......I'm guessing Mommy is enjoying it a lot more than Daddy is.

Anyway, we're staying with Grandma. Don't get me wrong - we love Grandma. And the dog cookies are a little more "free flowing" here if ya know what I mean. But we still miss Mommy and Daddy. So, I made my very own brand new Blue Fat Quarter Bundle to match my mood.

What do you think? I can put together a pretty snazzy Fat Quarter Bundle, can't I? I used fabrics from the La Grand Jardin Collection. This is my favorite fabric from the collection. It's called Jolie Jardin.
All of these fabrics are by Lakehouse Dry Goods. And I LOVE Lakehouse so talking about their pretty fabric is making me feel better already!

Well, I better go. Grandma is about to give us our 200th dog cookie of the day.

Emma Jane

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