Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quilt Market - Heather Bailey

I wanted to move into Heather Bailey's booth at Quilt Market. Can you blame me? Just look at it...
It was fresh, feminine and full of springtime colors. This should come as no surprise but she won a Best Booth Award. On one side she even had a little outdoor scene of laundry hanging in the breeze.
And then there was the adorable dress in the corner....
I just want to curl up on that sofa with a glass of lemonade and feel the soft breeze coming from the garden through the open windows on a spring day.....And of course I want to be wearing that dress as I'm doing this.
Oh....maybe I should quit fantasizing and mention that Heather's new fabric line is called Nicey Jane and it should be in the shop in December or January.
I can't wait. Hmmmm.....should this collection be my new spring wardrobe or should I redecorate the living room to match this fabric....decisions, decisions.

Happy Sewing,

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